Kinsey’s Acquires Pape’s

Mount Joy, PA — It is with great excitement that Kinsey’s Inc. is able to announce the acquisition of Pape’s Inc. Kinsey’s has been strategically considering opening a second warehouse for many years. A second location will allow them to serve existing customers better and reach new markets with faster service. The ability to reach a majority of whitetail states in a one or two-day shipping window will significantly improve service to independent retailers across the country, creating quicker inventory turns for their customers.

“The core values and family ownership atmosphere of Pape’s Inc. aligns seamlessly to create a strong partnership. Pape’s has been a long-standing and well-respected distributor. This acquisition brings together the two largest archery distributors in the country to create one synergized platform for which we can continue to increase the flow of products from manufacturer to dealer with increased speed and efficiency.” noted Rick Kinsey, Vice President of Sales.

The Kentucky and Pennsylvania warehouses will operate independently until there is integration to one computer system. Integrating to one computer system will require a series of steps. They will communicate those steps and any potential changes that may concern customers and vendor partners in as timely a fashion as possible. Once integration is complete, a dynamic distribution network that maximizes efficiency for both retailers and vendor partners will be in place.

Obtaining the Louisville, KY location marks a significant investment in the future for Kinsey’s. It is further evidence of their commitment to continually serving their loyal customers better. The change in ownership will occur on April 2, 2018.

“We are truly excited for this opportunity to grow our reach in the archery industry and for the benefits it will bring our customers with a greater selection of product ready to ship at a moment’s notice. We wish you all the best of luck in 2018 and look forward to continuing to earn your business.” says Justin Gorman, Director of Sales: Independent Retail, International, OEM.

For more information, contact Kinsey’s at (800) 366-4269 or visit

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