Kinsey’s Supports Manufacturers with Updated MAP Policy

Kinsey's MAP PolicyKinsey’s Inc. has announced their new Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy which clarifies how they are working to ensure retailers comply with manufacturers’ advertising and marketing guidelines.

MAP policies exist to benefit both retailers and manufacturers by elevating perception of brand value, which leads to increased margins for retailers. Kinsey’s stands behind manufacturers in the implementation of MAP policies to protect the interests of their brands, as well as margin integrity within the retail network.

“Kinsey’s has been a longstanding partner with TenPoint Crossbow Technologies,” said Randy Wood vice president of sales for TenPoint. “Kinsey’s has done a great job of backing TenPoint’s enforcement of its MAP policy, thus strengthening the TenPoint brand as well as helping the retailers maintain a solid profit margin. This MAP enforcement is important in order keep the retailer base, and archery as a whole, healthy.”

Kinsey’s looks forward to continuing this support of manufacturer MAP policies as it has done for the past six years.

For any additional information regarding the interpretation of this policy, contact Dave Parker director of sales and strategy at or 717-653-9074 ext. 3033.

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