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Lockdown Outdoors’ Simple Hanging Scent Delivery System

ByInside Archery

Jan 6, 2019

LockDown Outdoors’ super simple hanging scent-delivery system requires no batteries, and it can be used in multiple ways. It ensures that expensive scents last up to 85% longer than they do in misting systems. They are highly affordable and eliminate the problem of getting stinky deer urine or lures on your hands or sprayed in your face.

To use, simply remove cap and apply pressure onto a surface to activate the sponge applicator. Next, wipe the sponge on trees, rocks, stands, or anything else in your hunting area. After application, hang the bottle in your hunting area with the attached cord. The sponge will constantly wick scent into the air. After use, wipe the sponge clean and replace the cap.

The LockDown Scent System includes a 3 oz bottle with a patent pending scent delivery system. They use 100% US farm raised deer and boar urine, and the cover and attractant scents are created with all natural ingredients guaranteed to get that buck’s attention! All of these products are proudly made in the USA.

Natural Pro Pack

This set includes LockDown Earth for incredible cover, LockDown Corn to attract, and LockDown Doe Heat to draw those bucks in. LockDown Outdoors Pro Pack contains everything you need to bag that buck.

Three Pack Attractant Scents

Product includes Persimmon, Acorn, and Apple for a special low price. Three Pack Attractant Scents contains three of Lockdown’s best attractant scents: Persimmon, Acorn, and Apple.

Learn more by visiting Lockdown Outdoors’ website.

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