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NASP® and IBO announce 2024 Partnership to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

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Jan 2, 2024

NASP® and IBO announce 2024 Partnership to Benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – One of the strongest partnerships in youth archery announces plans to collaborate in a new way to raise money to help those in need for 2024. Since 2014, NASP® and IBO have been collaborating to offer one of the fastest growing segments in youth archery today. Since 2014, NASP® bullseye archers have had the opportunity to add 3D archery to their archery competitions. Beginning with 2,000 participants in 2014, The NASP® IBO 3D Challenge has grown to over 72,000 participants annually; many who then go on to compete in the IBO Triple Crown events over the summer. The growth has been amazing! 

NASP® President Dr. Tommy Floyd said, “The explosion of 3D archery in the NASP® IBO 3D Challenge is one of the biggest stories in youth archery in recent times. We deeply appreciate what IBO has done and is doing to grow the sport and provide a next step for NASP® bullseye archers. With many adult IBO chapters across the country, we knew that the potential existed to not only experience some great archery competitions, but to also allow our combined participating archers with a way to help those less fortunate. NASP®, a long-time supporter of St. Jude Children’s Hospital wanted to include our trusted and long-time partner IBO with an opportunity to support kids in need. 

IBO President Bryan Marcum said, “The IBO and its long-time partner, NASP®, are dedicated to improving the quality of life for millions of school-age children. We are proud to collaborate on this project to help fund St. Jude’s research, to understand, treat, and ultimately put an end to childhood cancer. The NASP®/IBO programs are truly life-changing programs that school-age children of all shapes, sizes, and abilities can participate in. We want to ensure that all children have a chance for a better life through the sport of archery; therefore, children with this terrible disease called cancer need our help. Please join with us to help raise funds for this life-changing cause.” 

Ryan Bass IBO Vice President said, “The partnership between NASP® and the IBO has enabled our organization to further its mission by providing youth archers and their families another outlet to experience the great sport of 3D archery with the hopes that many of these archers will then take their skill afield and enjoy the sport of bowhunting” 

NASP® and IBO have decided on the months of February through April to offer a window of opportunity for participating NASP® and IBO archers to donate to St. Jude. Any donations by either organization during these months will count toward the partnership total. There will be no cost to enter, however, donations via the tournament website are encouraged. Donations may be made in the name of the school or team by going to the tournament website address listed below for the corresponding organization. 

To participate in this joint NASP® and IBO fundraiser for St. Jude during February – April: 

  • NASP® archers will shoot one traditional Bullseye round for score. They will shoot 15 arrows at 10 meters and 15 arrows at 15 meters. A total of 30 arrows and a possible score of 300. NASP® schools can register via: https://nasptournaments.org/echampionship/default.aspx. 
  • NASP®/IBO 3D archers will shoot one traditional NASP®/IBO 3D round for score. A total of 30 arrows and a possible score of 300. NASP® schools can register via: https://nasptournaments.org/tournamentdetail.aspx?tid=11778 
  • International Bowhunting Organization members and clubs should be on the lookout for a St. Jude Donation link which will be posted on the IBO website closer to the event beginning in February. IBO is excited to have members and clubs participate in this event! – For the donation link, please visit: https://iboarchery.com/ 

The National Archery in the Schools Program promotes international-style target archery as part of in-school curriculum, to improve educational performance and participation in the shooting sports among students in grades 4-12. To learn more about NASP® visit: https://www.naspschools.org 

The mission of IBO is: To Promote, Encourage and Foster the Sport of Bowhunting. 

For more information about IBO, please visit https://iboarchery.com/ 

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