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Obsession Bows & Kevin Strother Join Forces To Create 3 New 2024 Bows

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Feb 16, 2024

Obsession Bows & Kevin Strother Join Forces To Create 3 New 2024 BowsJeffersonville, Georgia 2/16/24 – Obsession Bows crashed the established bow industry party with designs by engineers obsessed with perfection for those who refuse to settle for yesterday’s technology. And now, Kevin Strother is BACK designing Obsession and Martin Bows for 2024. Kevin Strother started in the archery industry in 1986, designing bows that changed the industry and set standards for years to come. Originally working with Obsession from 2011-2019 Kevin designed the award winning Obsession Evolution, Defcom Six, Phoenix and more, 

“Kevin and I are a force, and Obsession gives Kevin a home to create the most innovative and radical designs in archery” Said Dennis Lewis, Founder of Obsession Bows. 

“Freedom to bring more cutting edge designs to life and raise the bar, I am meticulous in design and Dennis is giving me an opportunity to make archery better.” Said Kevin Strother. 

Kevin will be designing for Obsession Bows and Martin Archery,

The Innovation:

Mag-Lite 360+

The Mag-Lite 360+ is the fastest bow in its brace-height. Coming in at a whopping 362 FPS, the Mag-Lite 360+ sits dead in your hand, with less movement, vibration, recoil for a smoother drawing bow. the new riser is made from Obsessions new Mag-Lite Material, with a mass weight of 3.45 lbs. The new Flite Cam gives the Mag-Lite 360+ one of the smoothest draws in the industry and is equipped with Obsession’s Perf Tuning System. The Mag-Lite 360 set a world record in 2023.

Top Speed: 362

A-A: 3.125″ 

Brace: 6″

Mass weight: 3.54 lbs

Let Off: 80% plus

DL:  26.5″ – 31″

Peak Draw: 70#

Mag-Lite NT

The Mag-Lite NT is quiet, fast and comfortable to shoot. Coming in at 348 FPS, the Mag-Lite NT is a speed demon that brings stability, smooth drawing and less recoil with the innovative riser design, made from Mag-Lite Material, giving it a mass weight is 3.68 lbs. The NT Cam gives the Mag-Lite NT one of the smoothest draws in the industry.

Top Speed: 348 fps

A-A: 33.125″

Brace: 6.250″

Mass Weight: 3.68 lbs

Let off: 80%+

DL: 26″ – 31″

Peak DW: 70 lbs   

The Bone 

The Bone, new for 2024 looks like nothing else. The innovative riser design gives The Bone a look and feel that stand out, and provides weight reduction and stability. The Bone comes in at 4.3 lbs and shoots up to 360 fps. the Bone offers a smooth, fast and light bow effective in the field. Available with the Flite Cam and Perf Tuning System.  

Top Speed: up to 360 fps 

ATA: 29 3/4″

Brace: 6 “

Mass weight: 4.3lbs

Draw length: 24.5 to 30″

Draw Weight: 40, 50,60,65,70 and 80 lbs

Hunters, competitors, and enthusiasts of every caliber have something to gain from an Obsession Bow, from bragging rights in camp to a spot on the medal stand or winning the backyard bet.

Learn more at https://www.obsessionbowsrefueled.com/ or contact Joel Miller for more information at milleroutdoors2013@gmail.com

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