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Odin’s Innovations Testimonials from Real Hunters

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Feb 9, 2024

Odin’s Innovations Testimonials from Real Hunters. Learn more about Odins Innovations Liquid Deer Scents and Scent Beads at odinsinnovations.com


Grant MeyerI decided to take a risk this year and use a new scent, I decided on this purely from a cost perspective but I am glad that I made a change. Odin’s is one of the more powerful scent systems I have used. The scent stays around for a long time (all season Sept-Jan and I can still smell it) and the cost is right. With more ways than 1 to disburse the scent, Odin’s made it easy to transport the scent I needed where I needed. I shot a pretty good mature whitetail this year, I was at full draw for 3 minutes on this buck. I had to let down and then re-draw my bow, I thought this buck was lost as when I redrew my line of site was blocked by branches. As my heart sank, this buck turned last minute, I can only guess it was the Odin’s I had been disbursing on the tree in front of me all hunt long. Quick arrow and 60 yard track was all it took.


Carl FoxOdin’s innovations is awesome and I really got to watch it work today just in case anyone is curious about it. They came in about 15 yards or so and one was right next to us and I dropped this big sow. Just an absolutely awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it again.


Gary LewisI had the Jelly Donut oil with me on my hunt in Minnesota. Conditions were horrible with temps in the high 90s. I settled into my stand in the leafy canopy and sprayed the oil on the leaves and branches and bark of the tree. Sixty-five minutes later the bear came in swinging his head, aggressive. I had to move fast or it would have been in the tree with me.


Noah CraddockI have been watching this buck for a couple of years; started using the Odin’s apple scent last year. This year I started out with Odin’s apple scent in late July to survey if he was back and what else would be coming into our apple scents. From all the trail cam, I had a good idea of how to hunt him. On the first day of the season (2020) the plan paid off!


Brook, MississippiI started putting out the apple scent the beginning of September 2020… getting a lot of activity on the trail cams. Last week I was blessed to get a harvest… after the scent had been out over 30 days. Still brought her in! Next will be the Dominant Buck and the Doe Estrous… plan to use them together in scrapes. Go solo on the doe as we approach the rut. 


Stubbs, ArkansasA hunting buddy (Brook) recommended the Odin’s Innovations apple and acorn scents… he had seen some great trail cam activity in Mississippi. For Arkansas, I put out the acorn. Really did the trick early in the season; I’m looking forward to using the Dominant Buck and Doe Estrous as the season progresses. 

Learn more at odinsinnovations.com

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