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Paige Pearce Gore Wins NFAA Marked 3D Championship


Flushing, Michigan- Carbon Express, the Leader in arrow technology, is proud to announce that Pro Staff shooter Paige Pearce Gore has won the renowned National Field Archery Association’s Western Classic, May 6-8, 2016.
Attendance at this year’s Western Classic was at an all-time high with some 1,400 archers competing at this weekend event which, as always, was located in Redding, California.

This event drew competitors from many parts of the world, but one in attendance was right at home. Paige Pearce Gore lives in California and even though she didn’t need to take a plane to get to this competition you can be sure her heart is soaring w
th triumph after this competition.

2272345Paige Pearce Gore was recently married and we would like to congratulate her, on not only winning a fantastic man, but also winning the Western Classic three years in a row; she has now added the 2016 win to her run. During this outdoor event shooters must hit 3 D targets that are up to 110 yards away. With such challenging targets you need a high performance arrow like the Nano Pro’s to “Pearce” the target.

On Friday May 6, the competitors shot at 25 3D targets, on Saturday they also shot at 25 3D targets and on the last day, Sunday, the competitors shot at 20 3D targets all of which are in varied terrain. Paige was skilled enough to not only be the top
scoring woman this year, but the past two years. Paige ended up facing some troubling weather conditions that can be hard to shoot well in. Despite the rain and her fierce competitors Pearce Gore managed to tie the course record, shooting a 1529! Carbon Express is proud to congratulate Paige on her record win.

Carbon express is committed to supporting all aspects of the archery field , from the novice hunter to the most accomplished world champion archers.Carbon Express, an Eastman Outdoors, Inc. brand, is the leader in high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit www.carbonexpressarrows.com , or call 800.241.4833

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