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New Ripcord Max and Max Micro Fall-Away Rests

ByInside Archery

Sep 5, 2018

The new Max and Max Micro take fall-away rest design to the next level. A new precision ball bearing drive provides tighter tolerances for smooth operation and excellent accuracy. The new Vault Lock cord drive allows for quick and easy adjustments to cord tension without having to re-serve the cable. Users can adjust the cord with a setscrew, or change the cord out in seconds. The Max line also includes other great Ripcord innovations like the Double Down break, which prevents launcher bounce-back; the Ultra-slimline launcher, which offers ample clearance; and Firefall design with fulltime containment, which only drops during the shot. This platform is also available with windage and elevation micro-adjust for precise tuning and accuracy.

Ripcord is a well-known, highly reputable company that produces high-quality, functional arrow rests. They are so confident in the durability and professional performance in their arrow rests that they offer full repairs or replacement of any broken Ripcord arrow rest by the original owner at no additional charge.

Learn more at Ripcord’s website or read more in the digital edition of Inside Archery.

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