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Rut Tracker 2023 – Tracking The Whitetail Rut

ByInside Archery

Dec 1, 2023

Rut Tracker 2023 – The rut is in full swing, and now is the time to be in the woods. If you haven’t had success yet, and you are still seeing your trophy buck on camera, you are among the lucky few. It has been 2 weeks now of rut action! Does are on the move and bucks are following. During the rut, bucks drop a lot of their typical elusive nature for the chase. Get out there and fill your tags, stay quiet and most importantly enjoy the outdoors.




The Command Pro app does more than just allow you to view photos and videos. Utilize our industry-leading trail camera management app to take your scouting to the next level.

View and Share Photos and Videos in HD
Available on Fusion-X, Reactor, DS4K Transmit, Deceptor and Fusion-X Pro cameras.

HD Video Mode w/ Previews
For video-enabled cameras, the Command Pro app shows a 3-frame preview of the recorded video, before you choose to download the full clip.

Night Colorization
Turn black and white images into color on-demand with Command Pro’s AI-powered technology.

AI Subject Recognition, Tagging Options and Filters
Advanced image recognition automatically tags animals, humans and vehicles for you to review. Further specify custom tags to organize and recall individual animals and select filter parameters to sort game patterns.

Global Gallery
This feature integrates images, videos, and video previews from all 2020 and newer Stealth Cam, Muddy & Wildview cellular cameras into a single gallery! These are conveniently stored chronologically by date and time. By leveraging the new filter and tagging options, the Global Gallery offers territory-wide activity monitoring at a glance and with never-before-seen precision.

  • Remotely access photos from Stealth Cam & Muddy cellular trail cameras
  • Manage all your cameras and their settings remotely with a single secure log in
  • Remotely monitor internal/auxiliary battery levels, cell signal, & memory card capacity
  • Set transmission times: instant, instant group, hourly, twice or once a day
  • Take on-demand HD photos and videos with the press of a button
  • AI driven or manual tagging of images
  • Advanced filtering of images
  • Share cameras with other users on the Command Pro App or share single images through text, email or social media
  • HD Video Mode with previews
  • Night-time colorization
  • High Resolution Downloads
  • Advanced mapping layers (map, satellite, and hybrid) with the ability to manage cameras and settings from the mapping screen.
  • Photo Tracker – displays your cameras’ activity
  • Receive push notifications for new photos
  • Manage camera data plans
  • Format camera’s memory card


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