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S3DA Names New Alaska S3DA State Conservation Coordinator

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Jan 16, 2024

Williamsburg, KY – Scholastic 3-D Archery is pleased to announce James Keller as the Alaska S3DA State Conservation Coordinator. James will work with Patty Reel, S3DA National Conservation Coordinator and Amber Gose, Alaska S3DA State Coordinator, to provide S3DA members across the state with outdoor-related activities and education that is centered around conservation. James states, “I believe our future lies in our children’s hands. I’ve taught my daughters not only how to use a bow but how to respect the outdoors and live responsibly within nature. Even though my daughters are grown, I still have a passion for teaching, so taking on this role of helping to teach the next generation about hunting and conservation felt like a no-brainer.”

James Keller was born and raised in Western Nebraska, but he has lived in Alaska for almost ten years now. He took advantage of every chance he got to spend time outside with his dad and uncles and they taught him how to fish and hunt. His high school shop teacher was the one who got him into conservation. He has four girls, Jadin, Winter, Libieann and Brooklyn, who have all found this same love for the outdoors.

James is currently working to establish a relationship with Alaska’s Fish and Game Department. He plans to show youth how conservation is more than just harvesting an animal. Conservation includes taking care of the landscape, food sources, and so many other aspects that everyone should learn about. His goal is to pique the interest of both parents and children to get them involved in the education and fun of conservation. James looks forward to setting up a booth and providing activities at the Alaska S3DA state events to encourage target archers to learn more about conservation.

For more information, please visit the Alaska S3DA Facebook page or contact James Keller directly (jgkeller72@gmail.com).

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