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Scent Thief Names Langston VP Sales and Marketing

ByInside Archery

Jan 16, 2024

Prairie Village, KS – Scent Thief®, a trailblazer in scent control technology for the hunting industry, proudly announces the appointment of David Langston as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over two decades of experience in the outdoor industry, Langston brings a wealth of expertise to elevate Scent Thief’s strategic growth and market presence.

Langston’s impressive career includes establishing and nurturing well-known brands such as Muzzy Broadheads, Hunter Safety System, Can Cooker, and Wac’ Em Broadheads. His leadership role in the Independent Retail Initiative for Realtree further solidifies his reputation as a seasoned professional in the field.

“I have been blessed so much more than I deserve in this great industry and, most importantly, learned the value of relationships and how to be successful: surround yourself with success,” said Langston. “As an avid hunter, I have never seen results in stopping an animal from smelling you like Scent Thief does. I became one of the many radical fans a few years back as I saw mature animals come closer than in all my years of hunting. When Scent Thief is used correctly, animals will not smell you. Guaranteed!”

The inventor, Russel Epperson, and the Carpenter family, dedicated hunters and proud owners of Scent Thief®, express their excitement about Langston joining the team. Together, they are committed to furthering the success of this innovative brand in the hunting world.

To fellow hunters, Langston offers assurance, stating, “Gear up confidently with Scent Thief, ensuring continuous concealment and staying undetected.” Scent Thief® has gained a loyal following among hunters for its groundbreaking products that consistently deliver results in the field.

For retailers, Scent Thief® represents not only a product but also a strategic partnership for success. Boasting quality products, high-profit margins, strategic marketing support, excellent customer service, knowledgeable sales representatives, and a reliable money-back guarantee, Scent Thief® stands as a valuable addition to any retail portfolio.

About Scent Thief

Scent Thief is a double-patented formula that eliminates an animal’s ability to smell without using enzymes, cover scents, chemicals, or ozone. With over 20 years of research and field testing, Scent Thief effectively keeps hunters in the game. Scent Thief approaches the problem of human odor differently than their competitors by targeting the area of the nose responsible for smell. By zeroing in on this area of the nose and relaxing it, Scent Thief blocks the signal that triggers danger in any animal with a sense of smell. Made in the USA.

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