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Scent Thief Welcomes Levi Morgan Partnership

ByInside Archery

Apr 26, 2024

Scent Thief®, a leader in scent control technology for hunters, is thrilled to announce its latest collaboration with archery champion Levi Morgan. With a career spanning over a decade in the outdoor industry, Levi brings a wealth of expertise to enhance Scent Thief’s marketing initiatives.

Levi’s journey in competitive archery began in 2006 with his Rookie of the Year title, followed by the launch of the renowned Bowlife TV show on the Outdoor Channel in 2008. His achievements include being the only professional to achieve the IBO Grand Slam in 2015, winning numerous championships, and clinching over 70 national victories. His recent venture, MANIML Mindset, introduced in 2023, has further solidified his status as a key figure in the outdoor community.

Reflecting on his roots and passion for the outdoors, Levi shares, “Growing up in a small Carolina town, my love for the outdoors was ingrained early on. My journey in archery and bowhunting has been filled with achievements beyond my imagination. Yet, what truly matters to me is my faith, family, and instilling the same love for nature in my children. I see these same core values throughout the Scent Thief Family.” Levi continued, “I’m excited to represent a brand I trust. Scent Thief has been a game-changer for me in the field. Their innovative technology gives me the confidence to pursue my passion for hunting without worrying about detection. I’m excited to join forces with Scent Thief to share this invaluable advantage with fellow hunters.”

Russel Epperson, the inventor, and the Carpenter family, avid hunters and owners of Scent Thief, express their enthusiasm for Levi’s partnership. Together, they are dedicated to advancing Scent Thief’s visibility and success in the hunting industry. Epperson stated, “Levi’s passion for the outdoors and his dedication to excellence perfectly align with the values we hold dear at Scent Thief. We’re thrilled to have him on board to help showcase the effectiveness and reliability of our products to hunters across the country.”

Levi Morgan’s partnership with Scent Thief is a collaboration and a commitment to the brand’s mission. As a key figure in the outdoor community, Levi will play a pivotal role in Scent Thief’s marketing initiatives. He will be featured in promotional materials, participate in events, and engage with the hunting community to showcase the effectiveness of Scent Thief’s products firsthand. By combining Levi’s expertise with Scent Thief’s cutting-edge technology, the brand aims to solidify its position as a leader in scent control and provide hunters with the tools they need to maximize their success in the field.

Scent Thief’s roster of personalities spans a diverse range of renowned figures in the outdoor community, featuring names like Buck Commander, Realtree Road Trips, American Archer, Hunt Club, Team200, Hooked Hunting, and Innerlocs’ OutThere. The brand is honored to maintain its partnership with each of these individuals, collectively working to elevate the Scent Thief brand and expand its reach within the hunting industry.

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