WebXtra May: Inside Retailing with Select Archery


Select Archery has been in business since 2009, and Darrell & Tracey Stiennen have owned it since March 2015. We recently interviewed them for our Inside Retailing column because they’re an excellent example of an archery pro shop with flexible options for the offseason. Regardless of how much of an archery-purest a shop owner may be, sometimes it takes a little branching out to ensure a steady flow of customers in the offseason. An intereting example of this that we gleaned from speaking with them is selling kayaks.

SelectArchery-StiennenDarrell,HeadShot“Kayaks have been our biggest surprise this spring,” the Stiennens said. “We’ve been carrying Bibe coolers, and brought in some Bibe fishing kayaks as kind of a favor. Our phone has been ringing off the hook. We sold out. They’re equipped with rod holders, and you can mount a fish finder.”

A common problem in that vein, which many retail shop owners are faced with isn’t new by any means. It can be hard to get new customers, let alone consistent customers, to give your store a shot, especially when the hunting season isn’t in full swing. These days, a clean and helpful website can be one of the best ways to overcome that hurdle. While we were learning more about Select Archery, we noticed their website is an excellent example of this.  The design is simple and clean. There’s also interactive calendar for simple tournament organization.

Check it out here: http://www.selectarchery.com/ 

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