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Mar 28, 2024

TargetTack® is the reusable solution to hanging paper targets.

No more staples or mess, TargetTack® is the answer. No matter what you are using them for, TargetTack® adheres all kinds of paper-based targets to a variety of substrates, substrate coverings, or exterior types: Cardboard Backers, *NEW: Plastic Backers, Styrofoam Blocks, Polyfusion Blocks, Poly-wrap Bags, Hay Bales, Foam Blocks.

TargetTack® is user friendly and easy for any size hands to use, offering 3 different sizes, a multitude of colors and everything from 3 packs to special range orders.


We’ve seen our fair share of ways of getting it done at the archery range. Let’s just say, all fasteners are not created equal. There is only one type of tack when it comes to archery targets, and that’s TargetTack®

Archery targets come in all shapes and sizes and materials, leaving them no target for TargetTack® to penetrate. The saw tooth design locks TargetTack® to just about any material. For use in your back lawn or archery range, Target Tacks come in 2 sizes and 4 colors, and fit right in your archery bag. If you are shooting at a target, Target Tack will old it.

Learn more at targettack.com

The latest from TargetTack®:

TargetTacks® are quickly becoming the essential range or backyard tool of choice for securely hanging and suspending paper and vinyl target faces for training, target practice and shooting sports, across archery, firearms and air-gun industries.  TargetTacks in your range bag are as essential as tees in your golf bag!  Made in USA, TargetTacks are durable, reusable, minimize range waste, take up less space, minimize arrow and bolt damage and have superior hold on impact, while offering great purchase value at a super affordable price.


TargetTack listened to feedback from SHOT SHOW 2024 attendees, who stopped by their booth and are proud to announce a new Teal color TargetTack now available!  TargetTack now offers their Teal color in 6 and 12-Pack options, along with loose bulk quantities in 25, 50, 100, 300, 500, 1,000.  TargetTack existing colors Lime Green, Original Orange and Pink are also available in the same packs and loose bulk quantity options.


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