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Team GAS Bowstrings Finishes Strong at Nîmes

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Jan 30, 2024

Team GAS Bowstrings Finishes Strong at Nîmes – Clay City, KY – This past weekend, GAS Shooters traveled to Nîmes, France to shoot the first major indoor competition of the year. These shooters did not disappoint as many of them made the finals stage and/or shot incredible qualification rounds.

Mathias Fullerton had an amazing qualification round, shooting a perfect 600/600! Mathias then went into his elimination matches, shooting perfect 150s each match. He came head-to-head up against Mike Schloesser who also shot a perfect 150, forcing a one-arrow shootoff. Mike’s arrow was just a hair closer to the ten than Mathias’s, allowing Mike to advance further in the bracket. From that match, Mike was able to work his way up to the gold medal match where he beat his competitor 150-148 for the gold!

In the bronze medal match, GAS Shooters Nico Girard and Tim Jevsnik went head-to-head to determine third place. Nico was able to take the win with a 148-146. In the women’s compound, GAS Shooters Alejandra Usquiano and Andrea Becerra faced off in the gold medal match! Alejandra took the win with her 146 against Andrea’s 143.

Congratulations to these shooters and all GAS Shooters who competed at Nîmes! Last year had incredible growth in GAS Shooter successes and we are excited to see what more 2024 will hold!

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