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The BloodBath Mechanical Broadhead

ByInside Archery

May 3, 2024

“The Bloodbath Broadhead enters prey like a spear and opens up like a machete” 

COLUMBUS, OH – Our best-selling Bloodbath Broadhead enters prey like a spear and opens up like a machete to create nearly 3 inches of total cutting power. Serrated blades and 100 grain aircraft grade aluminum construction add to its killing force. Works great for Compound Bows and Crossbows.

• Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction

• 13/16″ Puncture Point

• 2″ Razor Sharp Serrated Blades

• Nearly 3 Inches of Total Cutting Power

• 100 Grain

• Great for Compound Bows and Crossbows

• 3 Pieces per Blister Pack

In our modern society of gizmos and gadgetry, it’s sometimes imperative to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being: where certain things have evolved from and why. What really gets the job done? What is efficient? What is durable? These are all qualifying questions that need answers in a hunter’s archery arsenal. 

At first glance, the most obvious thing about the BloodBath is its spear style, cut on contact, razorblade head. The first of two punches your prey will receive with the Bloodbath, boasting a 13/16-inch-wide cut. After the spear head has punctured through the animal hide, the user can expect the two mechanical blades to deploy, offering an additional 2 inches of worth of vicious cutting power. The mechanical blades are made of 420 stainless steel that are carefully serrated to saw through ribs and tough tendons. When closed and in flight, the BloodBath’s mechanical blades are less than 5/8 inch wide. This gives an accuracy advantage to compound bow hunters, and crossbow hunters alike. 

The BloodBath Broadhead by .30-06 Outdoors LLC is powered by it’s aircraft aluminum ferrule and comes in a 100 grain 3-pack.  “It’s like an animal is getting hit with almost 3 inches of blade”, explains Matt Minshall company President. “The first surprise is the spear puncture, then the saw blades go to work, quite a deadly combination.”

The BloodBath 100 grain 3-pack has a retail of $19.95. The .30-06 family of products also include the SNOT line of lubricants: String SNOT, Rail SNOT, and Bow SNOT. All products are designed to increase the performance of your archery experience. For more information on the BloodBath Broadhead, or any of the .30-06 Outdoors products, please visit www.30-06outdoors.com.

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