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Top Arrow Rests – 2024 Drop Away Rests for Compounds

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Feb 8, 2024

Top Arrow Rests – 2024 Drop Away Rests for Compounds – Arrow Rests have evolved over many years, and 2024 left little to the imagination when it comes to new new drop away bow rest innovation. The best compound bow rest is different for everyone. Here is a line-up of Drop Away Rests stand out to out team this year.

Top Arrow Rests – Custom Bow Equipment (CBE)

Top Arrow Rests

The CBE Defy Micro Rest is a cable driven drop away rest that offers easy setup and accuracy in a simplified, sleek and innovative design. The Gravity Lock internal mechanism keeps arrows fully contained and secure, dropping only when fired. The BounceBack Prevention System ensures complete arrow clearance and reduces residual vibration. It is available in right- or left-handed options, and includes laser engraved windage and elevation marks for precise adjustment. It includes high-grade aluminum construction and fits tight to the riser. It comes complete with 9/64-inch Allen wrench, cable clamp, shelf pad, two mounting screws, launcher arm felt and  arrow retaining arm felt. To learn more visit custombowequipment.com. 

Quality Archery Designs

Top Arrow Rests

The 2024 Quality Archery Designs UltraRest Integrate MX2 is being called the MX Series on steroids. It includes a beefed-up launcher complete with built-in red silencing pads to ensure quiet draw cycles and shooting—meaning no more adhesive-backed felt to fight with or replace. Adjustments are made through oversized anchor bolts and micro-adjust knobs that allow more precise tuning than ever before. White laser-etched hash marks allow faster tuning and on-the-money adjustments. The Integrate MX2 is sleeker, stronger and includes faster reaction time to the shot. To learn more visit qadinc.com. 

Top Arrow Rests – Axion Archery

Top Arrow Rests

Axion’s patented Auto Rest includes an activation cable attached to the up cable or a limb to function, allowing the launcher to stay up and guide arrows longer. The power retract mechanism engages and then pulls the launcher away up to five times faster than conventional spring-loaded arrow rests, providing maximum fletching clearance, and straight, more accurate arrow flight. At the end of the cycle, the internal rotary damper continues to apply pressure on the launcher, holding it down on the bow shelf until the arrow passes completely before returning to the ready position automatically. This is the industry’s only fully automatic arrow rest, including no thumb wheel to set the arrow rest and providing full arrow containment even after let-down. It has been proven to 400 fps and provides easy arrow loading. To learn more visit axionarchery.com. 

Vapor Trail Archery

Vapor Trail Archey’s Gen Integr8X Low Profile Arrow Rest is a limb-driven design that includes a refined windage knob and a 1/4 less material to create a lower profile that better accommodates Mathews’ LowPro Detachable Quiver. The GI8X arrow rest was specifically designed for QAD’s newly-popular Integrate Mounting System. This solidifies rest mating and creates a lighter, more compact arrow rest. The standard GI8X weighs a mere 4.1 ounces and includes advanced features like micro-adjustable windage and elevation, top or bottom limb activation and a full capture rubber over-molded carbon cage made to dampen vibrations. They are available in 14 interchangeable colors. They come with a SHAG pad, limb pad and activation cord. To learn more visit vaportrailarchery.com. 

Top Arrow Rests – Trophy Ridge

Top Arrow Rests

The Propel is Trophy Ridge’s newest drop-away arrow rest, activated by a top or bottom limb while providing full capture security. The rubber over-molded containment cage includes a spring-loaded, rubber-flap side loading gate, the base-mounted arrow-positioning arms and wide launcher automatically capturing and lifting the arrow during the draw cycle. The rest is super quiet and the launcher axle bearing equipped for precision. Oversized bolts make all adjustments easier, and instillation is quick and simple. TR offers these rests in standard side and Integrate mounting options. To learn more visit beararchery.com. 

Buck Rub Gear

The Magne’ Drop Raven Claw arrow rest from Buck Rub Gear doesn’t look like other drop-away rests, but is designed and manufactured to provide easy setup and tuning and super-clean arrow flight. This is a rest built by bowhunters for bowhunters. The Magne Drop Raven Claw has specially designed arrow-capture claws that hold the shaft in place when the bow is at rest, but during the draw cycle the ingenious spring-loaded design releases the arrow, the launcher than falling away following release to ensure clean arrow flight. After the bowstring cut-away integrated magnets ensure the rest functions flawlessly and reliably, without the possibility of worn springs. It can be set up for right- or left-handed shooters. To learn more visit buckrubarchery.com 

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