Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

Ham Lake, MN –Vapor Trail, manufacturers of premium archery products with worldwide distribution, has recently acquired Stokerized™ Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc., manufacturers of some of the most innovative and versatile stabilizers in the archery industry. Vapor Trail purchased the company on February 2nd, 2021.

“Selling Stokerized was not an easy decision for us, but when we decided to sell the company, Vapor Trail was the perfect match that mirrors the way we do business,” stated Kyle Stokes, president, Stokerized. “If you look at Vapor Trail’s 30-year history and combine it with their commitment to manufacture the most innovative and meticulously built archery products, we knew it was the right fit for us. We feel honored to leave our decade-old company in the best possible hands.”

“Stokerized has been a long-time partner of Vapor Trail Archery, so when the acquisition opportunity came about, we were extremely excited about what it means for us and our future growth”, stated Rory O’Loughlin, president, Vapor Trail, “We are proud to add Stokerized to our product line. Just like our Vapor Trail brand, Stokerized too was built on a foundation of exceptional quality, cutting-edge products, and a pride that only comes from being manufactured in the USA. We are thrilled to expand our company product line to offer full customization options for our customers, which is an exact extension of what we already provide for our customers here at Vapor Trail. We will be preserving the Stokerized existing product line, the branding, and the warranty.”

The entire Stokerized operation will be relocated from Pennsylvania to Vapor Trail headquarters in Ham Lake, Minnesota beginning on February 4th. For more information about Vapor Trail and Stokerized products, please visit and or stop in and see your nearest dealer today.

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Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized

Vapor Trail Archery

Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

The Challenge

Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

Vapor Trail Archery was founded in 1993 by a shooter frustrated with consistency and quality of the archery equipment available. Peep sight alignment, which would vary each time at full draw, made precision shooting very difficult. Changing weather conditions also created inconsistencies. Over the course of a decade, Jarrod meticulously honed his string building skills and designed the perfect blend of materials to combat these common problems. In 2005, VTX Bowstring material was born.

The Solution

Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

Vapor Twist Xtreme ( VTX ) strings and cables are the answer to inconsistency. After as few as three shots, your peep sight is done changing positions for good. We make this possible through our proprietary blend of synthetic materials and in-depth manufacturing processes. We also use a combination of the best serving materials on the market. Peep rotation, string creep and serving separation are no longer a factor… set it and forget it… guaranteed! All of this comes with a Lifetime Service Guarantee. Click here to view the terms of our rock solid warranty.

The Advantage

Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

Sounds too good to be true? Just ask the professionals who have been shooting our products for years. They have helped us fine tune our strings and cables to the ultimate in performance and consistency. Imagine having consistent peep sight alignment with every single shot whether shooting in a championship round or going after the trophy of a lifetime. >>—–>


Vapor Trail Acquires Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions, Inc.

A Vision

Here at Stokerized it is not just about building quality archery products, but it is also about running a company with good old fashioned integrity and American pride.  Not only do we take great pride in the products we build, but we also focus on the intricate selection of the finest American components that go into each and every Stokerized product.  Right here in the heartland of America and the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, Stokerized works closely with some industry leading suppliers to manufacture a truly custom built product that we are proud to put our name on.  Come join the American archery revolution and shoot with confidence, shoot with pride, shoot Stokerized >>—–>

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