Victory Archery: Industry 5Q WebXtra

Victory Archery has solidified its reputation as a leading innovator in the arrow market. Victory Archery offers exceptional archery products for hunters and target archers. Each arrow undergoes rigorous quality control processes for maximum performance and reliability. They are constantly researching physical and chemical compounds for cutting-edge, innovative and high-quality products. Victory Archery is the originators of the Micro Diameter Arrow Technology, and have managed to get arrows with a consistent +/- .001” straightness tolerance in the popular Victory VAP. The design engineers at Victory include aerospace and composite material veterans who have knowledge in a variety of composite material and resin to create advanced and effective arrows. 

“Every single person here lives and breathes archery. As any archer will tell you, we are always looking for ways to achieve better accuracy, to hunt with the utmost confidence in our equipment, and to never settle for second best. We have a weekly meeting at our office where we brainstorm new product ideas, compare test results, and discuss ways to continually improve our products and designs,” said Steve Greenwood and Devin O’Dea of Victory Archery.

This year Victory Archery has introduced the VXT Target Arrow. This arrow design has been in development for over 4 years, and is built on a constant diameter mandrel instead of a tapered mandrel, so the inner diameter doesn’t change when the arrow is trimmed. The VXT Target Arrow has a front-parallel, rear-taper design ensuring superior accuracy, high FOC, and faster arrow recovery in flight. Victory took things a step further by tapering and building FOC directly into the shaft itself. This microdiameter arrow has a thinner, weaker tail section for improved clearance during launch and a thicker, stiffer front section for increased FOC and improved down range accuracy. It has a 100 percent high modulus carbon construction with a proprietary outer weave that helps reduce torsional deflection and improve spine uniformity. 

“Our engineers also wanted it to be 100 percent carbon so the arrows wouldn’t bend. All of our knowledge and experience making ±.001-inch micro diameter arrows and tapered golf shafts helped with the design and construction of this arrow. We utilize a variety of proprietary processes to manufacture the VXTs, which yields extremely consistent spines, tightly controlled straightness levels and consistent grain weights.”

Other recent innovations by Victory Archery worth taking a peek at includes the TKO Series, the Carbon Trad arrows (with wood grain fused into the carbon) and the XTorsion (with carbon and stainless steel fused together). 

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