2017 Broadheads: Widen Your Broadhead Selection

2017 Broadheads





The Allen Company

2017 Broadheads


The Power Point Chisel Broadhead from The Allen Company is designed for high-speed shooting and deep penetration. This compact 3-blade includes a conservative 1-inch cutting diameter with large vents to minimize surface area and ensure top-notch flight and accuracy. The head starts penetration right with a steel-cutting chisel tip, and its razor-sharp stainless steel blades, .027-inches thick, stand up to bowhunting abuse. Blades are held in place in the aircraft-aluminum ferrule by a knurled and threaded rear steel locking collar and the steel tip. They are offered in 85- and 100-grain models. Learn more at byallen.com.







Fire-n-the-Hole Broadheads

2017 Broadheads

Fire-n-the-Hole approaches broadhead design from a unique perspective, offering a classic 3-blade design that also holds a 1-inch diameter cutting ring. This razor ring punches a 1-inch plug of hair, hide, bone and vitals for wound channels that won’t clog, so they spill vast amounts of blood. Fire-n-the-Hole promises kills in three seconds and less than 30 yards, so you can watch your animal go down! The head is led by a stainless steel conical tip. A steel rear-locking ring holds the three stainless steel blades in place, which in turn holds the cutting razor ring. Learn more at firenthehole.com.







Flying Arrow Archery Toxic

2017 Broadheads

The Toxic by Flying Arrow Archery features three single-beveled Radical Core Decompression (RCD) technology blades. These “apple-coring” blades interlock inside an aluminum ferrule for unsurpassed strength, and slice clover-leaf wounds for massive hemorrhaging. The blades are led by a bone-splitting Trocar-style tip. The razor-sharp coring blades slope into their full-cutting diameter for improved penetration, and deliver 4.75 inches of cutting action. OpenFlex Technology allows the blades to give after striking bone, ensuring deeper penetration while remaining intact. They’re available in 7/8-inch-wide 100-grain, 1-inch-wide 125-grain, standard or Deep Six (100-grain only) ferrules, and pink and crossbow models. Learn more at flyingarrowarcheryusa.com.







Innerloc / Sullivan Industries

2017 Broadheads

The Shape Shifter mechanical broadhead from Innerloc was designed to provide field-point accuracy from the fastest compounds and crossbows. A patent-pending Exo-Cover snaps over the front of the three .040-inch-thick stainless steel blades to give it the shape and aerodynamics of a field point in flight. This cover is designed to shatter on impact and actually aid in blade deployment, opening to 1.25 inches. The rugged blades and compact, one-piece stainless steel ferrule also make the Shape Shifter indestructible. It weighs 100 grains. Learn more at innerloc.com.








2017 Broadheads

American-made KuduPoint broadheads are a design that I plan to bowhunt black bears with this spring. These single-bevel, true cut-on-contact broadheads include 100 percent stainless steel construction. They feature a 420 stainless steel blade, which is a rugged .050-inches wide and hardened to 50Rc, along with a ferrule made of 416 stainless steel. All parts are given a dark finish to eliminate glare. The blade and ferrule are permanently bonded via a unique swagging process. The single-bevel edges have a variable pitch with 40-degree baseline for bone-splitting action. Look for them in 100- and 125-grain models, including the 1.070-inch wide by 1.18-inch long Contour; 1.060-inch wide by 1.12-inch long Classic; 125-grain, 1.270-inch wide by 1.4-inch long Contour; and 1.15-inch wide by 1.5-inch long Classic. Learn more at kudupoint.com.






Magnus Outdoor Products

2017 Broadheads

Magnus’ Black Hornet Broadhead is another true cut-on-contact design, including a .059-inch-thick main blade and .040-inch-thick bleeder with mini broadhead dimensions. It cuts 1.25 inches wide and is 1 5/16 inches long for true flight from the fastest compounds. Each broadhead is spin tested to .003-inch tip and ferrule straightness. Like other Magnus broadheads, the Black Hornet includes a lifetime replacement guarantee, even if you damage it while hunting. They are offered in 100- and 125-grain 2-blade and 4-blade models, and also come in a chisel version with serrated edges, which is called the Ser Razor. Learn more at magnusbroadheads.com.






Mangle Broadheads

2017 Broadheads

The Mangle EXP is a 100-grain mechanical with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter. The spur-deployed, rearward-sliding design remains streamlined in flight, punching through ribs and hide before activating the spooky-sharp, 420 stainless steel blades to maximum cutting diameter. The .040-inch-thick blades are rugged and create devastating wound channels. The ferrule is milled from 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, which is much stronger than the more common 6061 aluminum. Blades are easily replaced to allow multiple kills. The stainless steel conical tip is made to smash through bone. Learn more at manglebroadheads.com.







Mohican Sneak

2017 Broadheads


The Mohican Sneak Broadhead offers a highly unique way to create wider, more devastating wound channels. These broadheads have two fixed blades. The first blade includes a cut-on-contact tip, and the second blade is positioned slightly behind the first so the broadhead enters the target with maximum kinetic energy. Together they produce a 3-inch cutting diameter. This unique, asymmetrical design delivers a lethal balance of penetration, accuracy and internal damage. They are available in 100- and 125-grain models. Learn more at mohicansneak.com.







Red River Broadheads

2017 Broadheads

The Cross Cut from Red River Broadheads is a fixed 4-blade design made to make trailing big game easier. The 85- or 100-grain heads include 1 3/8-inch cutting diameters, with a short aluminum ferrule and thin-profile, swept-back blades that allow pin-point accuracy from the fastest bows. The tool-steel leading tip includes a trocar cutting tip to help the head smash through bone and drive deep. Learn more at redriverbroadheads.com.







Slash Arrows

2017 Broadheads

The Slash INsetBlade Arrow is actually an arrow and broadhead system in one, the carbon arrow including .295-inch outside diameter with .244-inch interior dimensions to accept standard Signature/S-Nocks. The arrows have .005-inch straightness tolerances and weigh 8.6 gpi in a .300 spine. The broadhead system includes a 75-grain, 3-blade fixed head backed by INsetBlade Deployable blades. Together they weigh 475 grains, including the aluminum body/ferrule. The rugged 1-inch-wide fixed blade starts penetration, sinking a couple inches before deploying the two 2.5-inch-wide mechanical blades for nasty wound channels and quick kills. Learn more at slasharrows.com.








Steelforce Broadheads

2017 Broadheads

Steelforce’s Phathead has remained one of my go-to elk heads since their introduction. These are straight-shooting mini cut-on-contact heads with unsurpassed .080-inch-thick, 1-inch-wide main blade and interlocking .25- or .75-inch-wide bleeders inside a heavy duty aluminum ferrule with rear locking collar. The design is virtually indestructible and just what you want in case of an accidental shoulder-blade hit. Phatheads are now offered in configurations from 75 to 190 grains. The lightest include titanium blades, and the heaviest have solid-steel ferrules. Steelforce also offers lifetime sharpening on all their broadhead models. Learn more at steelforce.com.








2017 Broadheads

TRUGLO’s new family of TitaniumX Broadheads, mechanicals and fixed-blades, are made for demanding bowhunters using vertical or horizontal bows. They’re machined from Grade-5 titanium for uncompromising toughness, and include TRU-CUT cut-on-contact tips and TRU-THRU .031-inch-thick, scary-sharp stainless steel replaceable blades. TRUGLO engineers teamed with renowned broadhead designer Bruce Barrie (former Rocky Mountain Broadheads owner) to produce 2-blade and dual-stage 4-blade mechanicals and 3- and 4-blade fixed-blade heads. Each weighs 100 grains and is designed for today’s fastest compound bows; crossbow models are also included. Each package includes replacement blades and an installation tool. Learn more at truglo.com.







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