Zebra Publishing’s Recreational Archery Day at Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut

Between putting the ATA Show Guide & Membership Directory to press and Christmas, Zebra Publishing staff found time to spend a day at Bill Pellegrino’s Archery Hut.

Kurt Geist and his daughter Kaylee were eager to show us around, and get our arrows flying.

Managing Editor Lauren Molenburg tests the Hoyt Buffalo, the bow used by Katnis Everdeen in the “Hunger Games” movies.
Kurt Geist talks techniques with Managing Editor Lauren Molenburg and Graphic Designer Stephen Mack.
Inside Archery Publisher Sherry Krenz takes to the shooting lanes like a pro.
Excitement is in the air as the Zebra team always enjoys shooting together.
Nate Bondar shows his excitement for archery!
Bullseye! Accounting Manager Pam Ludlam lands an arrow right on target!
Graphic Designer Stephen Mack perfects his technique thanks to some advice from Inside Archery Publisher Sherry Krenz.
Kurt Geist had quite the inventory to show the Zebra team at Bill Pellegrino’s!
Associate Art Director Tara Reginek sends arrows flying like a champ!
Bill Pellegrino’s bow room is full of amazing equipment for all ages and shooters!


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