ATA’s COVID-19 Update for Retailers

The ATA is working towards helpful resources for the entire industry whether they are an ATA-member or not.


We continue to field questions from members on a variety of COVID-19 topics. A common thread is “can you help ensure my business is marked as ‘critical’ in the event of a quarantine or shutdown?”

The reality of this, is that there’s simply no centralized policy for this topic. Washington has delegated that authority to the individual states. With members across the country, we’ve drafted a statement (below) that concerned business owners could use in communicating with their local, state, or federal authorities, commissioners, councilmembers, or representatives. Given the local nature of regulation, the highest likelihood of success will come from a local constituent. 


The Archery Trade Association represents manufacturers, retailers, and partners to the archery and bowhunting industry. Its mission is to inspire growth, increase participation, and preserve the sports of archery and bowhunting.

In times of crisis, sustainable food sources are critically important. Bowhunting provides access to resources, many on public lands, which can offset supply and demand issues common during these times.

The ATA encourages all local, state, and federal authorities to protect archery and bowhunting businesses, preserving their rights to remain open, while following appropriate guidelines. Access to bowhunting equipment, expertise, and guidance can relieve traditional market pressures under challenging circumstances, while also affording people the opportunity to remain active and healthy.

COVID-19 Webpage on

Additionally, we’ve put together an ATA Roundup of COVID-19 resources. You can find that page here OR, if you go right to, you will find a direct link to the COVID-19 page in the first hero image.

ATA will NOT be recreating any information that they are not experts in, therefore they’ve created this page to serve as a one-stop-shop for members to access things like FET tax info, small business loans, state-by-state info, etc. 

ATA will update this page daily as new questions unfold, and new information becomes available.

ATA Member Communication:

This is a trying time for our small business owners. ATA is working diligently on providing relevant information for members. Here is the latest information:

Thursday, 3/19 

  1. 9 Things your Archery Business Can Do During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

Wednesday, 3/25

  1. ATA Roundup: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (published, will be updated daily as information becomes available)
  2. To feature:
  • ATA Statement on business restrictions
  • Helpful links related to state-by-state policy, small business loans, and other COVID-19 info
  • ATA articles and updates as they relate to COVID-19
  1. Dan Forster Advocacy Update Video

Thursday, 3/26

  1. COVID-19 Disaster Relief: How to Apply for a Small Business Loan

Friday, 3/27 

  1. Kid’s Activity Packet to feature bowhunting and archery related activities with intent for archery dealers to post to their social pages for added engagement with their customers. Packet will also be posted to the National R3 message board.

Learn more by visiting ATA’s COVID-19 information page.

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