Bear Archery Kuma 30 Bow Review

Bear Archery entered the compound-bow arena back in the 1970s, when many of us still clung to recurves because we failed to see the advantages in this new approach to bow building. Bear has become a leader in compound innovation and hunter-friendly designs. Bear bows offer speed that’s on par with the biggest names out there, but they’re also smooth-shooting and quiet systems that real bowhunters appreciate. The Kuma was Bear’s 2018 flagship, and it included all of the design elements and technologies that promise to make the 2019 Kuma 30 just as popular, but in a more compact and maneuverable 30-inch package that meets the demands of today’s bowhunter.

What Bear engineers have done is scale down the Kuma 30 riser from the original 28 inches to 25 inches. The difference was taken entirely from the sections between the dual string stops and limb pockets. Everything you loved about last year’s Kuma remains intact. You just receive a shorter axle-to-axle measurement that today’s customers seem to prefer, and with a weight reduction of about 3.2 ounces. The riser was made with cutting-edge milling technology to combine balance, light weight and a low profile with a structurally-sound platform that includes strategically-placed cross struts and frontal flutes.

The Kuma 30 sports the new H-19 Hybrid Cam. The system is smooth drawing and pushes arrows to impressive speeds. The H-19 Cam’s rear valley, established by consistent string stops, feels great and encourages proper back-tension shooting. The string comes back smoothly, with no surprising peaks or troughs in the draw cycle.

The Kuma 30 comes hunting silent right out of the box, and is sure to please a lot of bowhunters next year. Learn more at Bear Archery’s website.

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