Bowjax, Inc. Crossbow Duplex Stopper Pair #1063b New Crossbow Stoppers

Bowjax, Inc. was established in 2000 with a desire and commitment to bring high-quality, effective archery vibration dampening system to the archery industry. With a foundation built on customer service, credibility, honesty, and integrity. Bowjax, Inc. is able to produce premium, American-made products that the company proudly stands behind.

Bowjax Crossbow Duplex Stopper Pair #1063b new crossbow stoppers are extremely tough made with a soft polymer for extreme quietness. They are made with a durable insert that will last you through thousands of shots. These overmolded string stoppers are suitable for either a compound bow or crossbow strings, perfect for any hunter. The Crossbow Duplex Stopper Pair #1063b are 1 ½-inches in length, fit a 3/8” rod, and go on a rod 1” depth.

Learn more at Bowjax, Inc.’s website or learn more in Inside Archery‘s digital edition.

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