Bowtech Reign 7: Bow Review Video

Bowtech now brings us the Reign 6 and 7 compound models. These designs combine all of Bowtech’s most notable technologies to create compound bows that are smooth, quiet, as well as more balanced and shooter-friendly. The Reign 6 has a 6-inch brace height and shoots 350 fps. The Reign 7 has a 7-inch brace and shoots 340 fps. This report discusses the more forgiving Reign 7. Bowtech annually introduces innovations that accelerate compound-bow design. This year, Bowtech has launched Outrigger off-set weight design, and PowerShift FlipDisk Technology. The Reign 6 and 7 has every aspect of Bowtech innovation that serious shooters crave, creating a “smarter bow” with improved accuracy and forgiveness.

The Reign’s new OverDrive Binary Cam is a symmetrical, synchronized system that unleashes some of the industry’s fastest arrows, which are also stable, accurate and tunable. The OverDrive Binary Cams include rotating modules that allow 6 inches of draw-length adjustments in a single bow, and without a bow press. The PowerShift FlipDisk Technology cam system simplifies previous models’ PowerShift Technology (now labeled PowerDisc3) by introducing simpler FlipDisc2 Technology. The FlipDisc2 system offers exactly that: “Performance” and “Comfort” settings only. It’s a streamlined, user-friendly design that offers plenty of arrow speed at each end and easy settings you tweak for personal preferences. The 10-position Micro Sync Dial lets you finely tune its eccentric synchronization should the buss cables stretch slightly after hundreds—or thousands—of shots.

The Reign 7 is not only a powerhouse, but it is also very well-balanced and torque-free. This bow lineup features incredible stability and balance that starts with a refined Center Pivot Extreme (CPX) riser. This torque-free riser precisely aligns the bowstring, and shifts the limb-pivot points rearward and in line with the grip for added forgiveness; this helps paralyze limb movements to tame vibrations and shot noise. This cutting-edge riser holds a FLX-Guard buss-cable carrier, a spring-loaded, bearing-equipped roller system that eliminates friction during the draw cycle and riser torque at full draw with zero lateral nock travel for greater accuracy. Bowtech’s released the new Outrigger counterweight system which are weights suspended in rubber inside a “revolver cylinder” on the riser’s bottom portion which are offset to the sight window’s side of the riser to counterbalance accessories. In addition to its advanced riser design and past-parallel limbs, the Reign 7 includes an adjustable string stop, and a riser dampener, buss-cable silencers, and suspended-weight damper on the FLX-Guard assembly.

The ability to choose a personal draw-cycle feel, which means “Comfort” for cold treestand vigils or “Performance” while running hot for bugling elk, is one of the useful technologies on this compound. The accuracy and confidence that the mirco-tuning the cam system delivers is very advanced and reliable. Further, a bow that spits arrows at 340 fps features such a buttery-smooth draw cycle is unbeatable. The Reign 7 is so stable, shock-free and well-balanced that it seems to practically shoot itself. And what bowhunter doesn’t love a quiet bow? The Reign 7 makes no compromises. It truly has it all.

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