Elite Archery Announces New Hunting Bow Colors

Elite Archery logoWest Henrietta, NY – Elite Archery announced today that it has added new riser colors to its line-up of hunting bows. The new colors are designed to expand the options that hunters have to customize their bows while still blending in. Two new colors have been announced: Backcountry Brown and Olive Green.

“These new colors are designed to give Elite hunters the opportunity to add a unique look to their bow. These colors allow the addition of the hunter’s choice of camo pattern to the limbs, giving even more options to stay hidden in the field,” said Elite Archery president, Eric Griggs. “The world’s most shootable bow continues to offer options that may make it the best looking bow, too.”

The Backcountry Brown and Olive Green riser colors are now available from Elite dealers with the following limb configurations:

· Black

· Realtree ® Xtra

· Realtree ® Max-1

· Realtree ® AP Snow

· KUIU ® Verde

· KUIU ® Vias


Established in 2012 and headquartered in Henrietta, New York, Elite Archery is a leader in the manufacture of premium archery equipment. Elite Archery is a proud member of The Outdoor Group’s family of brands.

The Outdoor Group is parent company to the premier brands of Elite Archery, Duel Game Calls, Scott Archery, Custom Bow Equipment, Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings, CAMX Crossbows, Lynch Mob Calls, Slick Trick Broadheads and Solid Broadheads.

News Media: For more information, contact Christian Costa.

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