Extending the Life of your Trail Camera

Beat The Elements

Extending the life of your trail camera – Humidity and rain, can cause condensation problems in your trail cameras with the change of temperature outside. A system to minimize some of these problems might be to place a single silica gel pack in the housing of your trail camera , this will help eliminate or reduce malfunctions due to moisture and sudden change of temperature which will fog up camera lenses and create batteries sweat! Another huge advantage of using Silica gel packs is that they naturally absorb and eliminate human and household  odors en-grained in the plastic housing of your camera. They do not use chemicals that give off foreign odors which would spoke deer, they do not cover odors but they absorb them after continued use. Use this technique this coming season to ensure you capture that perfect photo or video of a giant buck on a rainy fall day or an early morning summer photo of a velvet whitetail buck on a green field.

Location, Location, Location

When picking a prime location for a trail camera set, try not to set the camera in low lying swampy areas. You will get a lot of fog on the outside of the cameras lens, especially early season. The gel packs will not mitigate the outside moisture on the camera housing, but will keep the inside of the camera dry. Be sure to check your cameras gaskets every season to ensure no dry rotting of the outer gasket liner, this will ensure the bottom of your camera is not full of standing water after a rain event. I always try and face my trail cameras directly on a trail so i can get the animal walking to it, this will ensure you get a pretty good look at the buck you are trying to hunt.

Keep That Camera Going for Years

Trail camera monitoring has become a outdoor hobby all on its own.Silica gel packs will dry out any moisture trapped in the camera and absorb battery sweat from your trail cameras,card readers or range finders. Also when winterizing your trail camera for the season when you bring them into a warm house from cold conditions, Immediately remove the batteries and memory card  and place them in a bag of silica gel for a day or two to absorb the moisture before storing them away for the season. Repeat this process with the actual camera before putting it away for the season.

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