E-Z-V Sight: Revolutionary Pinless Distance Ranging Bow Sight

The 2018 E-Z-V Sight is a revolutionary pinless, distance-ranging, compound bow sight unlike any currently on the market. This V-shaped design is meant to make aiming effortless by completing two tasks at once: range distance and provide precise aiming. No more worrying about fragile pins, range finders, and forget about target panic. The E-Z-V Sight eliminates human error of ranging distance and ensures shot accuracy and shot time in one step.

The E-Z-V Sight has V-inserts molded from tough polycarbonate in 5 FPS intervals to match your bow’s trajectory curve for a mathematically custom fit. These inserts are 1000 times stronger than fiber optics and are easily snapped into place, ready to go. The E-Z-V is “E-Z” to sight-in, ambidextrous, and includes 5 interchangeable v-inserts. Pick the v-inserts that fit perfect for you and your compound bow by determining the range of your bow’s FPS. If you are unsure, E-Z-V provides an excellent chart to help you find the perfect fit.


  • Eliminates fragile pins, range finders, target panic, and human error
  • Simultaneously ranges distance and aligns aiming point
  • Maximizes shot accuracy and shot placement in one step
  • 1000-times stronger than fiber optics
  • For ambidextrous use
  • Sight Scope with level bubble for precision shooting
  • 5 interchangeable, customizable V-inserts included

Learn more at E-Z-V Sight’s website.

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