Monster Meal Protein Block: Advanced Nutrient Formula for Deer

Serious hunters across the country know the importance of an overall healthy deer herd to grow and maintain trophy class whitetails. Monster Meal understands that deer are animals with certain likes, dislikes and characteristics that make them truly unique. Addressing those factors with the right products containing the desired ingredients assembled properly in the correct proportions allow Monster Meal to offer a line of products that will perform in today’s wildlife environment. This year we are introducing the MM Protein Block which complements Monster Meal’s 365 day per year nutrition plan.

MM Protein Block™ is extremely palatable and specifically designed to address the complex protein requirements of your deer. Along with being formulated to address their protein requirement, MM Protein Block™ delivers performance in the other nutritional categories including energy, vitamins and minerals. Adequate protein is necessary for muscle mass, antler growth, reproduction and immune function. Particularly when bucks are in velvet, protein plays a major role in nourishing antler growth. Protein also helps with recovery from the rut as bucks and does regain body weight and muscle mass.

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