Morrell Targets Introduces the YJ-380 Dual Threat and High Roller 21

Morrell Targets was established in 1986 when Dale took a simple idea and turned it into a booming target business. Dale started Morrell in his garage and never knew the brand it would turn into today. Morrell Targets strongly focuses on courteous customer service, quality and useful products, and even more keenly on keeping their products ahead of the game by developing new technologies, designs and innovations. Morrell values their customers and the price and quality are at the heart of it all. Taking care of the customers wants and needs are the core to Morrell’s most important mission: a quality product at the right price.

Morrell Targets is directly involved with the community and competitive shooting by supplying targets to all major tournament organizations while knowing the exact amount of abuse a target must be able to withstand. Morrell has done an amazing job at developing strong, targets that look better, last longer, and provide more enjoyment for the archer. Not only does Morrell donate target for competitions, but they are also heavily involved in National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). They believe in investing in the future generation of archers, and exposing children to something new and special.

Morrell takes great pride in their products considering they have 20+ years of experience in making targets. They deliver quality, long-lasting targets that fit the individual needs of customers.

YJ-380 Dual Threat

Morrell Targets has a new addition to the Yellow Jacket family which is called YJ-380 Dual Threat. This target has been tested to outlast all of its layered foam competitors guaranteed. It is built completely different from any archery target made by Morrell. It has layered poly fused cellular foam technology. The layers in the target are completely fused together and not partially fused which makes a big difference in durability because the fused layers act as baffles in between layers. These baffles act as energy shockwave absorbers for stopping kinetic energy of arrows and increases durability to last longer than any layered foam archery target. Even with all the durability, the Dual Threat has among the easiest arrow pull in the layered foam category.

Being inside the Yellow Jacket line, it has a sharp design and easy visual shooting. The dimensions of this target are 16 wide x 18 tall x 13 thick. It weighs around 11 pounds and it has a 380 FPS arrow speed rating. It will handle all bow types including crossbows.

High Roller 21

The future of target foam technology is here! Morrell Target’s research and development team have been developing a new and improved formula for a highly durable, self-healing, solid-poured mixture that would produce one of the most efficient, flexible, easiest arrow removal and durable target on the market.

Morrell Targets is proud to introduce the High Roller 21. Through our testing we have found the High Roller 21 will outlast all competition for longevity and will stop compound or crossbows with speeds up over 450 fps. Watch as shot after shot closes back and self-heals every time. The target’s dimensions are 13” x 13” x 13” weighing 10lbs and comes with an EZ-tote carrying handle and is ideal for home and camp.

Learn more on Morrell Target’s website.

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