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Odin’s Innovations – High-Quality and Effective Deer Attractants

ByInside Archery

Dec 7, 2018

Odin’s Innovations is driven to develop high-quality and effective products for hunters and those who love and respect the outdoors. The company applies new technologies to create innovative outdoor solutions, and Odin’s is also committed to making prod­ucts with sustainable materials that are not harmful to the environment. The company’s tag line, “Better Than You Found It,” represents their commitment that every product will be made using these ecofriendly, high-quality materials.

Made with a unique polymer that’s infused with doe estrus urine, the company’s proven “green” attractant is powerful, effective, long lasting and biodegradable. Its unique formula features a natural color that retains a strong attractant smell even after heavy rain in order to remain effective for weeks and give hunters an area that bucks want to keep coming back to. The biodegradable polymer absorbs large amounts of liquid scents and includes natural fibers to provide outdoor color and texture, making the attractant almost invisible when dispersed on the ground. No more messy liquids, dipping wicks, or spray cans to lug around; just sprinkle the attractant on the ground in the spot or pattern you wish to attract your deer, and voila. Odin’s is available in 4-ounce containers that can be purchased in one-, three- and six-packs.

Learn more by visiting Odin’s Innovations’ website or see them in Inside Archery‘s Fall Buyer’s Guide.

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