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Rutt’s Mini Mounts – Your Mount, Smaller

ByInside Archery

May 17, 2024

Mini Mounts. Big Stories.

Rutt’s Mini Mounts is the solution to showing off your trophy where ever you go. Rutt’s Mini Mounts creates a miniature replica of your trophy, and can turn your euro mount into a full mount, your full mount into a shed and more!

2024, Raccoon Rigs – After scouting, stalking, and patiently waiting for that perfect shot, you brought home meat for the family and memories for a lifetime.

Rutt's Mini Mounts

Your hard-earned stories deserve to be showcased. Rutt’s Mini Mounts enable you to carry your hunting trophies wherever life takes you. Whether on your desk or hanging from your rearview mirror as you head out for the next adventure, Rutt’s Mini Mounts are designed to keep your best hunting moments close and unforgettable.

We can turn shoulder mounts into euro mounts, euro mounts into shoulder mounts, sheds into full mounts, full mounts into sheds, and everything in between! We can do any species.

That’s right, we were able to make real Mini Mounts from a trophy in a hunting video game (so awesome)!

The possibilities of Rutt’s Mini Mounts doesn’t end in the real world, our process even extends to the virtual world!

Get your Mini Replica Trophies made today, from the real world, or anywhere else!


Rutt's Mini Mounts

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