The Art of Bow Making: TEDTalk

The Art of Bow Making: TEDTalk

The Art of Bow Making: TEDTalk  – 15-year-old Seoul native Dong Woo Jang speaks of his passion for bow making and what drives him to archery. It just goes to show, we may be separated by oceans, continents, or languages, but across the world, there is a common denominator in us all that drives us to the archery industry.

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“His parents wouldn’t let him play video games, so Dong Woo Jang had to invent other ways to entertain himself in and around his Seoul apartment. First, he studied spider anatomy and hunting skills for three years, creating their habitat in his room. Next, Dong headed outside, where he picked up fallen tree branches and turned them into archery bows.

The Art of Bow Making: TEDTalk

Later, while researching the age-old craft, he discovered that his optimal design was strikingly similar to that of his ancestors. Though he concedes that, during his process of “fixing, breaking, redesigning, mending, bending, and amending” bows, he accidently set his building on fire. The 15-year-old says that working with wood — and traveling back and forth in time — makes him feel free.

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“At 14, he already found what fascinates him in life.” — Julie Yi, on

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Take a look at Dong Woo’s TEDTalk in the video below.

Photo Credit: TEDBlog

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