Thorn Archery is Proud to Announce the Revolutionary HPX Broadhead

Thorn Archery revolutionized the hunting and archery market in 2017 with the introduction of the Thorn broadhead.    Now, Thorn Archery is proud to announce the release of the next evolution in “Hidden Blade” Technology, the Thorn HPX.

Designed for high-performance crossbows that are capable of shooting up to 500 feet per second, the Thorn HPX features a new, solid titanium Rip-Tip. It also employs Thorn’s patented Hidden Blade technology making it deadly accurate out to 100 yards.

“Crossbows are getting faster and more powerful every year and crossbow shooters want a broadhead that is accurate at long distances,” noted Andy Buchanan, CEO of Thorn Archery.  “We knew we had to design a broadhead that could withstand the enormous amounts of energy these crossbows generate which is why we built the new Thorn HPX broadhead.  It allows crossbow shooters to be more accurate at greater distances, enabling them to make the more difficult shots.  The HPX, like the original Thorn broadhead, is the most dependable mechanical broadhead available and will give shooters the confidence they need when it matters most.”

Made with the strongest materials, the Thorn HPX broadhead is uncommonly rugged and durable.  The body of the broadhead is built from 70/75 aircraft aluminum.  The HPX features a solid titanium Rip-Tip that is designed to grab hair and flesh as it enters the body of the animal.  This impact presses the tip back into the ferrule of the broadhead causing the hidden blades to cut the sheer pin that holds them in place and deploy.  Once deployed, the 440 stainless steel “butcher blades” create a 1 ¾” cut delivering a lethal wound channel.

Thorn HPX broadheads come in 100 and 125 grain weights and are designed for high-performance crossbows and are 100% American made. Learn more at Thorn Archery’s website.


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