True North Treestands: Industry 5Q WebXtra

“Having been raised in a family of passionate outdoorsmen and women, hunting and fishing were always a part of life on the McCharles homestead. The 256-acre farm in Northern Ontario served as the grounds for my apprenticeship in hunting, especially. From this, an incredible passion for hunting developed. TNT’s company philosophy is to under promise and over deliver. We want anyone who sits in our stands to say, ‘Hey, these guys really do provide what they claim: a great stand.’ Ultimately, this all starts with having employees who care and have the same level of commitment to the product and to the end user. That’s something we take pride in. We understand that the American consumer is especially loyal to the brands they use, but we would invite them to have a look at TNT.” – Steve McCharles, True North Treestands

Check out their video below and their website to learn more.

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