The Vaquero Chair by CHAMA Chairs

Vaquero Chair by CHAMA

The Vaquero Chair by CHAMA is a durable & lightweight design masterpiece. We set out to design and build an outdoor chair whose utility was relaxing, lounging, taking a load off. We needed this chair to be lightweight, durable, functional, easy to carry, and we wanted to incorporate wood and canvas. Paying homage to the historic campaign chairs of the early 1900s, we built the Vaquero Chair – an iconic piece for a life of rugged luxury. CHAMA’s Vaquero chair is unbelievably comfortable, folding, easy to travel with a chair that will make a statement on the range or in the home office. This chair will become the favorite of everyone…from Marfa to Palm Springs, through Yellowstone to the Southeast Coast, and everywhere in-between.

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Vaquero Chair by CHAMA

Vaquero Weights

Chair: 11 lbs.

Chair in Carry Bag: 12 lbs.

Vaquero Chair Dimensions

Seat Width: 21.75”

Leg Height: 19.5”

Total Height of Chair: 36.5”

Vaquero Weight Limit

Maximum Weight: 300 lbs.

Vaquero Chair by CHAMA

For the creators of CHAMA, it all began with a desire to break away from the routine of daily life and reconnect with a part of themselves that can only be found outdoors.

This group of long-time friends shared a camaraderie built from spending time together in the pursuit of adventure. Whether they were dove hunting, sitting in a ground blind or duck blind, they constantly experienced the nagging, painstaking problem that most all hunters faced — not having a premium chair that was truly functional, silent, and fit into the entire span of their lifestyle. After an extensive search for this piece of gear, the founders decided to blaze a new trail and create a completely new product from scratch.

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