2015 ATA Trade Show Photo Gallery

The 2015 ATA Trade Show was a great success! Indianapolis turned out to be a favorite location for dealers and manufacturers alike. Check out our additional photo gallery! For the full ATA Show Guide Review and Gallery download Inside Archery from your app store for FREE today!!

Inside Archery’s Pat Boyle (left) and Plano-Synergy’s Pete Angle hold the latest Evolved products.
Editor Darron McDougal poses at the Parker booth holding the UltraLite 30+


PSE’s Pete Shepley signs an autograph for dealers.
SKB’s Steve Kerpan (left) and Chris Douglas show off an iSeries bow case.
DeadRinger 3_WR
Mike Furia (left) and Jesse Erdle of Dead Ringer don’t take themselves too seriously. But one thing they do take seriously is creating some of the industry’s most devastating broadheads!
Easton’s Jeff Howard (right) discussed arrows with dealers before posing for a photo-op.
From left, Media Direct’s Jacob Eaton and Mark Sidelinger, Inside Archery’s Sherry Krenz, and Kim Cahalan of Media Direct meet for lunch on the final day of the ATA Show.
Inside Archery’s Steve Mack (right) gets a close look at No Limit Archery’s Grave Digger broadhead.
Nate Shooting_WR
Nate Bondar test-fires Darton’s Vegas.
A giant alien towers over the Rinehart Targets booth.
Live music draws attendees into the ScentLok booth.
Tara Reginek of Inside Archery and Nate Bondar live it up at Outtech Innovations.
David Langston shows off Wac’em Archery’s new broadhead packaging.
Kyle Stokes of Stokerized writes an order for a dealer.
A closeup view of The Gear Grappler.
Sam and Rebecca Simpson of Simpson Outdoors demonstrated The Gear Grappler.
Trophy Taker’s Cassie Craft is all smiles behind the A-TAC broadhead and Quivalizer.
Jeff Wassmer (left) and Jordan Cook show off a deadly pair of Rocket Broadheads.
Grim Reaper_WR
A dealer gets the scoop on Grim Reaper Broadheads.
ARE BowSlings_WR
Rich Witner of ARE Blow Slings displays his one-of-a-kind slings in the Innovation Zone.
Backcountry Lab energy things_WR
Zach Clayton, Matt Bilancione, and Oz Rodriguez of Backcountry Laboratories in San Diego had samples for everyone of their new Focus capsules. Focus is designed to bring intense concentration while avoiding the caffeine jitters, perfect for hunters in a treestand!
Backcountry Lab_WR
From left to right, Oz Rodriguez, Matt Bilancione and Zach Clayton of Backcountry Outdoors with their Focus capsules, made to give long-lasting focus to outdoorsmen and hunters.
Bucked Scent Elimator 1_WR
The guys at the Bucked Scent Eliminator booth meet with a visiting outfitter to talk scent control.
Buck Stop had a caricature artist at the booth to draw anyone willing to take a seat in the booth!
Eric with BuckStop gives a thumbs up as we snap photos of the caricature artist at their booth.
Easton Haircut_WR
Need a trim while you’re in Indy? Not a problem – drop by the Easton booth!
Easton Haircut4_WR
If you hold still, the hairdressers at the Easton booth will give you a trim and draw in your favorite hunting design.
Hunters Logic_WR
Greg (left) and Dan Barker of Hunter’s Logic, makers of the Bow Keeper clip on bow holder, take a moment to pose with some product before getting back to dealers in the Innovation Zone.
Mats Lipowski (left) and Frank Gairdner of TriggerTech hold up one of TriggerTech’s Zero Creep Triggers.
LIT Coolers1_WR
Lit Cooler’s Matt Brown (left) and Luke Hayes show the ring of LEDs inside the cooler which make it easy to find what you want, day or night.
We couldn’t pass up a chance to see Mass XL’s deer supplements and attractants, formulated for massive antler growth.
Corey Wilson (left), Tom Nokes of Inside Archery (center), and Jeff Bush discuss Mr. Heater’s portable space heater at Outtech Innovations.
Nice Targets_WR
Nice Targets design their cost-effective, plastic targets to look realistic, and give the hunter a more natural setting and scenario to practice with.
Prods Hunting 2_WR
Dwaine and Terran Evans of Podz Gear model their base layers that come with pockets for warmers, perfect for those colder months.
From left to right, Luke Allison, Todd Estrem, and Tom Allison stop for a quick photo with Tooth of the Arrow’s one piece broadheads.
The Top Secret Deer Scents booth was ready for the masses at the 2015 ATA Show!
Tree Jack’s Dan Russell take a second for a photo-op before getting back to business.
Mark Vaaler holds up one of Violator Decoys’ inflatable decoys.
Walls’ outdoor brand, 10X, had a huge selection at the ATA Show this year; here are a few samples!


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