2017 ATA Trade Show Coverage

ATA Trade Show


The rise of social media has made it so much easier to instantly share information and events with the world. It’s especially helpful for folks like us here at Inside Archery, because it let’s us be the eyes and ears of archery fans worldwide. Although the annual ATA Show attracts attendees from around the world, we know many passionate archers can’t make the trip. That’s why we went out of our way this year to bring the ATA Show live to your social media news feeds. Whether it was a product unveiling, equipment test by one of our experts, exclusive interview with an industry leader, or just a bit of fun worth checking out, our team was there with the camera rolling. In case you missed them, here are some of our best live feeds from the 2017 ATA Show.

Outtech Innovations 2017 

Outtech’s annual Innovations event always starts the Show off right. This year, Easton Corbin and gang rocked the house after attendees had a chance to preview some of the year’s hottest gear. 

2017 ATA Trade Show

The Outdoor Group – Elite Archery 2017 Launch

The Outdoor Group unveiled their 2017 offerings with help from Bruce Buffer, veteran UFC announcer. Later, Inside Archery’s Senior Editor Patrick Meitin tested out the Option 7 at Elite’s shooting lane. Learn more at elitearchery.com.

Easton – Big Daddy Buck Building Contest

The Easton team drew a big crowd with this unique contest. Learn more about the Big Daddy Buck target on dmtargets.com

Dirtnap Gear – BMF Broadhead

Senior Editor Patrick Meitin learns about Dirtnap’s latest broadheads. Check out dirtnapgear.com for more info.

Stanislawski Releases

Patrick Meitin continues his quest to learn about the latest and greatest gear at the Show. Here he talks with Eric Springer, owner and head engineer of Stanislawski Archery Products, about new products from Stanislawski and Copper John. Learn more at ishootastan.com.

Copper John Archery

Mathews Archery Inc. – Halon 32

Patrick Meitin caught up with visionary Matt McPherson to get a firsthand rundown on the new Halon 32. Learn more at mathewsinc.com.

Oneida Eagle Bows

Here Patrick Meitin gets the scoop on Oneida’s 2017 lineup from John Morris. Learn more at oneidaeaglebows.com.

Ravin Crossbows made a huge buzz at the Show. We had our crossbow expert Jeff Johnston give one a shot. Learn more at ravincrossbows.com.

A look at Duel Game Calls’ predator-call line. Learn more at duelgamecalls.com.

A live demonstration from Aero Hunter in the Innovation Zone. Learn more at newtribe.com.

Ultimately, this only a preview of the new opportunities social media is bringing to the world. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for all the latest inside info on the fascinating world of archery.

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