Finest 2019 Camo Clothing

Are you looking to update your camo apparel this hunting season? Find the best fit for you and your hunting needs with this list of 2019’s top camo clothing in the industry.

Kryptek – Altitude Camouflage

Kryptek’s award-winning Altitude line combine highly technical fabric and components that are “wet-printed.” The Altitude Pattern is ultimately designed for alpine environments where conditions are extreme and changing quickly. Windproof, waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, thermo-regulated and breathable fabrics result in a product that lasts longer, keeps you warmer, drier and allows you to stay on the mountain longer. The Altitude Series is made from the best fabrics, trims, components, and technology available. The Altitude Camo pattern is the same macro and micro-pattern as the rest of Kryptek’s family of camouflage. The Altitude pattern effectively breaks-up and conceals in deciduous forest regions around the world. Learn more at Kryptek’s website.

Nomad – Elevated Whitetail Scrape Series

Nomad’s Scrape Series is the utmost in performance that was engineered from hundreds of hours of field-testing. This series is highly windproof, super soft, quiet and warm. This series features Durable Water Repellent technology to keep you dry and Sound Kill noise limiting technology. It has high-pile, super-soft interior fabric that is made of long fiber fleece to trap air for added warmth and comfort. The 3-layer windproof grid fleece exterior and innovative construction limits any winds from reaching your body. Learn more at Nomad’s website.

Shiver Shell

Conquer the cold this season with the Shiver Shell. The magnetic closures on the arm slots are quick and easy to use. The user can experience some mobility with the included boot covers that detach. Once in place the boot covers are simply applied using a drawstring. An additional non-camo boot cover is sold separately for those who wish to add an extra layer of warmth. Stay warm and comfortable this hunting season with Shiver Shell. Learn more at Shiver Shell’s website.

ScentLok – BE:1 Voyage Jacket Realtree Excape

The new BE:1 Voyage is a midweight, single-layer jacket that is tailored for comfort and easy movement, both to and from the stand. The premium fleece fabric is deadly quiet and provides just the perfect comfort for the moment of truth. It features Carbon Alloy technology for maximum odor absorption and moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry. Premium fleece fabric renders you deadly silent and comfortably warm. It has a four-pocket design and concealed safety harness opening to control odors on harness. The articulated elbows offer superior range of motion and comfort. The tapered sleeves with spandex cuffs and zippers reduce bulk and unhindered draw. Learn more at ScentLok’s website.

Blizzard Buddy

Blizzard Buddy’s hunting suit helps hunters stay dry and warm and hunt longer. This wind, snow, and water resistant suit keeps you warm with 350 grams of insulation. The Thinsulate thermal lining and ultra-quiet material is perfect for long, cold hunts. It offers flexibility hunters need with arm ports that allow the use of a bow while staying inside the suit. The carrying harness gives you the ability to carry the suit into your stand before putting it on. Learn more at Blizzard Buddy’s website.

Sleeping Indian -Ascend Ankle Socks and Survival Series Shirt and Pants

Whether your running, biking, hiking or casually cool Sleeping Indian’s Ascend Ankle Socks made of 100% Virgin Merino Wool maintain comfort when under extreme ventures. These socks are insulated when wet, durable under stress, and comfortable when faced with fatigue. Sleeping Indian’s Survival Series wool shirt and pants have a tight weave structure producing no bunching or balling, and the high-quality wool has a natural antibacterial property. The thickness of the wool, plus the added windbreaker liner, is significantly effective for extreme weather. Learn more at Sleeping Indian’s website.

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