Hot Turkey Hunting Gear

In the midst of spring-cleaning, you may find that you need update your turkey hunting gear. Prepare for the spring season and gear up with the top turkey hunting gear in the industry.


HDR Jake

The Heavy-Duty Realism (HDR) line of turkey decoys are blow-molded into reality from hand-carved designs. These decoys harness unbeatable detail and durability. The HDR Jake is sized slightly smaller than a real turkey, but just big enough that he’ll make a tempting target. His quarter-strut posture and subdominant feathers signal he’s content but ready to fight if an opportunity presents itself. This decoy has rubber molded leg stumps with authentic spur detail, a pre-attached synthetic beard, true-to-life paint scheme and feather detail, and realistic movement without unnatural spin. Choose from two included removable head designs – one with a curled, aggressive posture, the other straight and submissive. It also includes a carbon stake store in the tail and a convenient carry bag. Pair with any Avian-X hen for a completely customized setup, and you’ll paint a picture that’ll draw in every boss gobbler for miles. Learn more by visiting Avian-X’s website.

Rundown Sling Pack

When it comes to turkey hunting, mobility is key. Stay light, fast and agile with the Rundown turkey sling pack. The unique sling design packs all essential calls and gear – keeping them out of the way when on the move, and easy to access when toms start gobbling. A series of specially-sized pockets hold everything from strikers to box calls including a fleece-lined cell phone pocket. The EVA molded front pocket folds down into a shelf, and multiple D-rings are provided to attach additional gear. There are a total of 13 external pockets and 11 internal pockets, and the pack can easily slide from side to front for quick access. The breathable fabric keeps loads light and cool during hot hunts, and the adjustable padded shoulder strap ensures consistent comfort. Outfitted in Mossy Oak Obsession and designed for ultimate comfort, this is way more than just another turkey pack. Learn more by visiting Avian-X’s website.

Montana Decoys

Wiley Tom Decoy

The Wiley Tom is a versatile and easy to use reaping decoy that can be used with or without real tail and wing feathers. It can be deployed as a hand-held decoy or with the ground stake. The Wiley Tom can fold with or without your feathers in place to help protect them. Should you damage a feather, you can simply replace it and leave the others in place; no need for a whole new fan. The Wiley Tom easily adapts to your hunting style and different types of terrain, and it includes a carry bag and foldable, attached ground stake. The Wiley Tom Decoy weighs only 1 pound 14 ounces, is 30 x 30 inches unfolded and 12 x 20 inches folded for transport. Learn more by visiting Montana Decoy’s website.

Native Ground Blinds

Yuma Ground Blind

If you’re a hunter who’s always on the move and enjoys to stalk, take a hard look at the Yuma from Native Ground Blinds. This blind is made of 600 Denier material and doesn’t contain a single loud zipper or Velcro, so hunters can safely make set-up adjustments without fear of noise giving away their position. The Yuma features a slide window system and two leveled shooting windows to blend in perfectly with the surroundings and sit comfortably on a chair or the ground. One large window sits at the top paired with four shooting windows at the bottom giving you plenty of views of the surrounding area. Yuma is extremely versatile and is three sided for an array of configurations. The specialized H.D. stake down system was formulated to withstand high wind situations. Weighing only 7 pounds with a Run-and-Gun style carry strap makes it simple to transport, set-up, and tear down. The Yuma features two accessory pouches, expandable brush holders on the exterior, and beefy ground pegs. Learn more by visiting Native Ground Blinds’ website.


Foggy Bottom Pot Call

Primos Foggy Bottom Pot Calls are part of the Foggy Bottom Series offered in both Frictionite or Glass surfaces. This field-proven pot has countless successful hunts to its credit and is now available in Original Bottomland Camouflage. Also, re-introduced with the Camo Pot line is the desirable Frictionite surface, which is a very responsive and sharp calling surface that has a great history with Primos. This set comes complete with a wood cup, sound board, and one-piece striker. The Foggy Bottom Pot Call is now available in Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Camouflage. Pot designs, calling surfaces, and trustworthy camo—all in one call. Learn more by visiting Primos’ website.

Double Bull SurroundView Stakeout Blind

The Double Bull Stakeout Blind with SurroundView technology produced by Primos is constructed with two exclusive one-way see through walls, so you can see every movement in front of you without moving to peek around or above the blind to steal a glance. There are three shooting windows that open and close and are perfectly positioned for multiple shooting lane options. Its two-hub design and Legendary Double Bull material and construction keeps both walls sturdy yet easy to pop up and tear down. Corner to corner, this blind is 59 inches and 37 inches tall, and it only weighs 4.5 pounds for easy transportation. The Double Stakeout Blind is the blind without a blind spot built for super light and ultra-portable concealment, perfect for turkey hunting. Learn more by visiting Primos’ website.

Rage Broadheads

X-treme Turkey Broadhead

Rage has designed a broadhead specifically for turkey hunters that will eliminate the problem of a flopping-then-fleeing gobbler following an otherwise fast and deadly pass-through. The Rage Turkey X-treme broadhead features a new cut-on-contact tip with a pair of massive “Meat Hooks” to inflict maximum lethal damage, all while slowing the arrow enough to anchor the bird. This Turkey X-treme Broadhead combines a 2 1/8-inch-cutting diameter, two-blade Slip-Cam broadhead with the “Meat-Hook” Tip to stop a turkey dead in its tracks.

This Rage Turkey X-treme broadhead features a pair of surgically ground, .035-inch-thick stainless steel blades that produce an initial slap-cut entry hole of nearly 3 inches, while the Meat-Hook Tip has a 9/16-cutting diameter in its own. A pair of blunt notches on each side of the tip was designed to slow the arrow as quickly as possible upon impact to potentially impair one or both wings for a faster, safer kill. The 100-grain Rage Turkey X-treme Broadhead features an extremely aerodynamic, precision-machined and anodized aluminum ferrule paired with the proprietary Rage SHOCK Collar for optimum blade retention and consistently reliable blade deployment. Learn more by visiting Rage’s website.

Ramcat Broadheads

Cage Ripper Broadhead

This spring season, turkey hunters can make the feathers fall with the Ramcat Cage Ripper Broadhead, a lethal 100-grain two blade mechanical broadhead. The Cage Ripper is designed with a sturdy aluminum body and a deadly chiseled tip. As it flies through the air, the oil-resistant rings keep the broadhead stealthy and quiet. Its innovative spring-loaded system deploys the .032” blades on impact, opening the blood gates with a wide two-inch cutting diameter. The Cage Ripper comes in a three-pack for each harvest this turkey season. With the strategic and lethal Cage Ripper, a trophy tom won’t know what hit him, but you will. Learn more by visiting Ramcat Broadheads’ website.



Calling in a trophy gobbler requires skill, preparation and a whole lot of patience.The all-new TZ TR18 carries everything you need to slip in, set up and work the birds. This re-envisioned turkey recliner features a patented spring-loaded leg system that instantly converts into a well-equipped hunting chair, complete with a padded fold-out seat. It has a structured internal aluminum frame, adjustable spring-loaded legs, and a dual layer foam seat. Additionally, the TZ TR18 is loaded with multiple specialized, strategically-located pockets that provide quiet, efficient access to all your calls and shells. Two hand-warming pockets have also been included so you can comfortably wait for your shot to develop. Learn more by visiting Tenzing’s website.

Tract Optics

Toric 12.5×50 Binocular

TRACT Optics has announced the addition of the all-new TORIC 12.5×50 binocular to its growing line-up of high-end, featured-filled optics. Search for gobblers with the new TORIC 12.5×50. Featuring highly prized SCHOTT HT (high transmission) glass for superior image quality, the TORIC 12.5×50 binocular combines this proven level of optical clarity and color brilliance with an increased 12.5x magnification for improved long-range viewing. The combination of Fully Multicoated lenses and prisms, dielectric prism coatings and phase correction coatings ensures a higher level of light transmission over a larger part of the visible spectrum while the Flat Multicoating enhances the color brilliance and increases light transmission over a wide spectrum of light, especially in the green spectrum.

Combined with standard features like a magnesium alloy body, Argon filled waterproof and fogproof construction and multistep eyecups with rounded edges, these enhancements deliver incredibly sharp and bright images. A locking diopter eliminates inadvertent movement of the diopter in the field. The large ocular diameter enhances the ability to see detail, while the ultra-high-definition ED glass and oil-phobic/scratch-proof/smudge-proof coating provides first-rate performance. Each TORIC 12.5×50 includes a Neoprene neck strap, eyepiece rain guard, tethered/removeable objective lens covers and a micro fiber leaning cloth. Learn more by visiting Tract Optics’ website.

Trophy Taker

SmackDown LockUp Rest

Turkey hunters excited to cross paths with strutting gobblers this spring can take a solid shot with the first-ever SmackDown LockUp Rest. The Trophy Taker SD LockUp is a limb-driven, lock-up, fall-away rest with integrated roller bearings for smooth mechanics. It features a durable design of precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardened components to make for a reliable rest that won’t fail, season after season. For ultimate sturdiness, the innovative three-point mounting system provides two contact points on the mounting bracket.The SD LockUp provides full containment and is extremely adjustable. Bow users can increase the windage block adjustments by .25” to accommodate 1” riser designs. A full over-molded containment ring has a built-in sound dampening system for a stealthy shot. Trophy Taker backs up the SD LockUp Rest with an unconditional lifetime warranty.Learn more by visiting Trophy Taker’s website.

Woodhaven Custom Calls

Turkey Hunting Mouth Calls

If you’re looking for a quality mouth call that delivers that cluck and purr quality that only an old hen can make, then look no further.Woodhaven Turkey Hunting Mouth Calls bring the game to you. Keep your hands free and your movement to a minimum. From those soft early A.M. yelps, to the hard cutting of wild turkey hens Woodhaven will have you effectively calling in big gobblers. Each call is handmade and hand stretched with various combinations of latex and proph to produce mouth calls that are easy to blow and built with realism in mind. The Ninja Ghost breaks from a good, high front end yelp into a throaty rasp which delivers crisp yelps, clucks and kee-kees. Put them to the test and hear the difference. Learn more by visiting Woodhaven Custom Calls’ website.

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