Archery Equipment: Expand Your Arrow Rest Selection

Buck Rub Outfitters Magne’ Drop 

Arrow Rest

The Magne’ Drop eliminates springs and triggers by replacing them with powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets that never break, weardown, or stretch – all while offering arrow containment, fletching clearance, and tune-ability that is second to none in the industry. The rest features mirror image parts so it can be converted to right or left hand. Installation is quick and easy with linkage cord timing easily adjusted using a compression sleeve system incorporated in the rest. The Magne’ Drop can be set up in any configuration of limb driven or cable driven. Without top bar clearance issues and with micro adjustment for drop distance, final tuning is a breeze. No other rest offers all these features with no additional parts.











HHA Sports Virtus

Arrow Rest

Used in ancient Rome, the term “Virtus” was reserved for those displaying courage, character, honor and valor.  Out of the box, the Virtus comes ready to be mounted to your bow with the launcher silencing kit pre-installed.  Built with versatility in mind, this full containment fall away arrow rest is equipped with adequate windage adjustment to ensure accurate center shot alignment.  The Gator Grip cord clamp enables quick and easy timing cord adjustment and replacement while the patent pending LBS + system (latch and break) combines for smooth operation and eliminates launcher bounce-back at the shot.  Witness marks are provided on all adjustments to ensure precise alignment and timing.  Available in two models, Universal and Mathews Edition, the Virtus is the perfect match for your favorite bow.













Ripcord Ace Micro and Ace Standard

Arrow Rest


With full micro adjustability, the Ace Micro fall away features a new ultra-slim thumb cock launcher that fully contains the arrow and improves clearance on today’s radiused bow shelves.  It features an external cord that eliminates any cord wear whatsoever. The Ace also features Ripcord’s Fire Fall design that allows you to let down and have the launcher stay in the up position; it only falls when you shoot. The Ripcord Ace Standard has a new ultra-slim thumb cock launcher and an external cord that eliminates cord wear. The Ace Standard also features our Fire Fall design that only falls when you shoot and also offers the very first dualbrake system to ensure no launcher bounce back.  The simple dovetail bracket allows for quick adjustments to the windage and elevation.








Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro-V 

Arrow Rest

As the first full-capture limb driven rest on the market, the Pro-V has evolved into a forgiving, accurate, and bullet-proof rest. With its free-floating head and adjustable spring tension, the Pro-V supports your arrow for almost 70% of the shot cycle, much more than a cable driven rest. This allows the arrow to achieve the speed it needs to stabilize itself before the support is pulled away by the limb (not relying on a spring to flip it out of the way). The result: An ultra-forgiving platform that increases accuracy exponentially, especially downrange. It’s 100% Made in the USA. Weighing in at a mere 3 ounces, the Pro-V is available in 15 color combinations and can also be customized with your favorite logo, slogan or your name.



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