WebXtra May: Black Eagle Arrows Field Test

Black Eagle Arrows, a relative industry newcomer, has made tremendous inroads into the competitive carbon-arrow market by offering top-quality products at competitive prices. Black Eagle keeps refining its products through real-world input and expertise from professional target archers and bowhunters. Black Eagle’s arrow quality also matches its top-notch customer service.

Black Eagle lists 13 models in its arrow lineup, an impressive array of shafts for everything from tournament archery to hardcore bowhunting. Here we’ll review Black Eagle’s standard-diameter Carnivore speed shaft, the medium-diameter big-game Spartan, and the standard-diameter wood-grain Vintage that targets traditional bowhunters. Black Eagle shafts are weight-sorted to +/- 1 grain, and spine-matched for tighter downrange groups. They’re available in .001- or .003-inch straightness tolerances.

Black Eagle’s Carnivore consistently posts dead-even speeds from a variety of compound bows. These standard-diameter 19-series shafts with .2445-inch inside dimensions are designed for speed-seeking 3-D shooters or long-range bowhunters. At 9.7, 8.5, 7.5 and 6.8 gpi, in 250, 300, 350 and 400 deflection, respectively, they ideally balance strength and forgiveness for archers requiring flatter trajectories and ample penetration on light- to medium-framed big game such as pronghorn, whitetails and mule deer. They hold Black Eagle’s 8-grain standard-diameter nock and 14-grain aluminum inserts.

The Spartan is a medium-diameter shaft that gives serious bowhunters a compromise between lighter, standard-diameter 19/64-inch speed shafts and thinner 17/64-inch shafts made for allout penetration. Thicker walls and increased mass improve kinetic energy and deepen penetration on the largest big game. The .224-inch inside-diameter shafts are offered in 250, 300, 350, 400 and 500 deflections weighing 10, 9, 8, 7.2 and 6.4 gpi, respectively. They hold 9-grain Black Eagle R Nocks and 26-grain stainless steel inserts that boost F.O.C. and reliability during hard impacts, plus 10-grain stainless steel nock bushings to protect the shaft tail.

The Vintage, with Duracoat wood-grain finish and handpainted cresting, received rave reviews when debuting at January’s ATA Trade Show. These arrows hold 8-grain nocks and 14-grain aluminum inserts. In addition, 42-grain brass inserts are sold separately for singlestring shooters wishing to increase F.O.C. and penetration potential. Look for them prefletched with vanes or 4-inch feathers (orange and black), or raw with 350/9.8 gpi, 400/9.2 gpi, 500/8.5 gpi and 600/7.9 gpi spine/mass.

To learn more please visit Black Eagle Arrow’s website.


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  1. Hey guy I am a disabled firefighter an i have been trying to find your arrow around our bow shops and can’t find any can yall help me out to try your arrows please

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