Cutting-Edge Broadheads

The broadhead is an essential part of the hunting process, and you want to make sure you get the perfect fit for you and your hunt. As we progress through the year, many new broadhead developments having been sweeping the industry.

Bloodsport Archery

Bloodsport’s Deadline Broadhead was designed to withstand the incredible torque and energy of today’s high-performance crossbows, and it even suits bolt speeds of up to 500 fps. The 100-grain design includes a nail-tough chisel-tip ferrule milled from 7075-grade aluminum and two large triangular 420 stainless steel blades guaranteed to cut. It has a 2-inch cutting diameter, and blades are held in place without O-rings or bands. The design allows the head to pierce hide before the scissoring blades deploy. Learn more at Bloodsport Archery’s website.


TRUGLO’s Titanium X series broadheads have tough grade-5 titanium ferrules and surgical-quality stainless steel blades. Each broadhead is spin and weight tested to ensure excellent flight. The newest version is the BackFlip, which is a series of reverse-opening mechanical heads. The series includes two- and three-blade models that weigh 100 grains and include a convex cutting/bone-splitting tip. Each three-pack of Titanium X heads also includes a free set of replacement blades and an instillation wrench. Learn more at TRUGLO’s website.

Rage Broadheads

The Hypodermic NC from Rage was designed for more trouble-free use. The NC uses cutting-edge, finger-like tabs on the blades’ Slip Cam pivot point to open on contact. The design eliminates original Shock Collars, but it still provides reliable blade retention in flight. The 100-grain HC has a 2-inch cutting diameter created by two .035-inch-thick blades. The Hypodermic hybrid tip is narrower for deeper penetration and awesome flight characteristics, and the tip/ferrule is milled from a single piece of stainless steel. Learn more at Rage Broadhead’s website.

SIK Broadheads

SIK Broadheads introduced the SK2 2-Blade Expandable Broadhead with FliteLoc Technology, which guarantees deployment on impact. The design features Offset Blade Design that produces a 2-inch “Z” entry wound, and it creates 3.625 inches of cutting surface with the .035-inch-thick blades. The 100-grain head is field-point accurate and lead by a cutting stainless-steel tip. Learn more at SIK Broadhead’s website.

Mohican Sneak

Mohican Sneak’s 125-grain Project One Broadhead is a fixed-blade head that produces jaw-dropping 2 ½-inch wound channels, and it also provides controllable flight. The cut-on-contact head is designed to maximize penetration by only engaging one single-beveled blade at a time. The opposing-plane, chiseled .040-inch-thick/one-piece blade also stabilizes and rotates the arrow in flight. Blades are sharpened front and rear and held in a top-grade aluminum ferrule. Learn more at Mohican Sneak’s website.

.30-06 Outdoors

The Bloodbath Mechanical Broadhead from .30-06 is one of those exceptions to the rule. It employs a cut-on-contact main blade that’s backed by bloodletting mechanical blades. The 13/16-inch cut-on-contact edges start penetration off right, and then two serrated mechanical blades engage for a 2-inch cut. The bone-sawing serrated blades are made from 420 stainless steel, and they measure 5/8-inches closed. The 100-grain head has an aircraft-aluminum ferrule. Learn more at .30-06 Outdoors’ website.


KuduPoint Contour broadheads have a deadly cut-on-contact design with concave cutting edges for deeper penetration. Variable-pitch single-bevel edges with a 40-degree baseline split bone and create devastating spiral wound channels. They have 100 percent stainless steel construction with .050-inch-thick 420 stainless steel blades and 416 stainless steel ferrules, which are permanently bonded via a proprietary swaging process. All surfaces receive a glare-free hard coating. Learn more at Kudupoint’s website.

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