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TRUGLO, Inc. introduces the all new TitaniumX family of performance broadheads.  These mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads are available in for both compound bows and crossbows in several blade configurations.

TitaniumX Broadheads are CNC-machined from Grade-5 Titanium.  The toughness of titanium demands a precision machining process that results in the most accurate and durable ferrules.  The TRU•CUT one-piece titanium tip cuts immediately on impact with devastating toughness.  All models feature TRU•THRU .031” thick precision-sharpened stainless steel blades that are incredibly sharp and replaceable.

TRUGLO engineers teamed up with world-renowned broadhead designer, Bruce Barrie (former owner of Rocky Mountain Broadheads).  Together they set out to build the toughest, sharpest and best shooting broadheads on the market. The narrow flight profile of these broadheads offers field-tip-like accuracy.  Mechanical blade models include a large cutting diameter 2-blade model and a dual-stage 4-blade model.  Torque-balancing blades expand to create massive wound channels.  Fixed blade models include straight-flying 3-blade and 4-blade designs, each providing large cutting surfaces for maximum damage.

Crossbow-specific models (4-blade mechanical and 4-blade fixed) feature a larger machined ferrule that precisely matches modern crossbow bolt designs.

TRU•THRU replacement blades are included in the package, as well as sold separately.  Each package also contains an installation tool.  All models are shipping now, and are available through shooting sports retailers and at


TRUGLO®  TitaniumX Features:

  • Grade-5 Titanium CNC-machined ferrule
  • TRU•CUT one-piece titanium tip for instant cut-on-impact
  • Tough 0.031” thick precision stainless steel blades
  • 100 grains for optimum flight characteristics
  • Flies like a field point
  • Spin tested and sharpness tested
  • Mechanical models: 2-Blade, 4-Blade, 4-Blade Crossbow
  • Fixed-blade models: 3-Blade, 4-Blade, 4-Blade Crossbow
  • Each package contains TRU-THRU replacement blades and

an installation tool

  • MSRP: $41 / set

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