Black Eagle Arrows Acquires Darton Archery

Canton, GA January 2021 – Black Eagle Arrows-Conquest Archery is excited to announce the acquisition of Darton Archery. Darton Archery, founded in 1950 and headquartered in Hale, MI, markets industry leading bows, crossbows and archery accessories including over 30 innovative patents for archery products.

“This is a unique opportunity to combine two industry leading archery companies that have very similar cultures,” said Randy Kitts Owner and President of Black Eagle Arrows-Conquest Archery. “Growing up in Ohio the first compound I ever owned was a Darton. I have always loved and respected the brand and what it stood for. After we started Black Eagle Arrows, Darton Archery was the first company to OEM crossbow bolts from Black Eagle,” continued Kitts. “That relationship only strengthened our respect for the brand, employees and founder Rex Darlington. The acquisition is simply a natural fit and the next logical step in evolution of our companies.”

“My wife and I have devoted the last 55 years to the growth and development of Darton Archery, and we love this brand, our dealers, customers and the archery industry,” said Rex Darlington, Founder of Darton Archery. “We have always prided ourselves on the fact that we are a family-owned company and we are proud of the company culture that we have developed. That will not change with Randy Kitts and Black Eagle Arrows. It is the perfect company to continue our life’s work.”   

Strong Combination

  • Both companies have a strong heritage of innovation. Darton Archery has led bow, crossbow and cam innovation for over 30 years and has been in the archery business for over 70 years. Since its inception Black Eagle Arrows has led the arrow industry in new concepts for arrows and components.
  • Both companies have been single owner since their inception; Darton Archery for over 70 years and Black Eagle/Conquest for almost 10 years.
  • Both companies have strong expertise in the archery industry. With over 25 patents, Darton Archery is a company that is known for its products innovative engineering with many patents that still have a major impact on the industry today. Black Eagle leads the target market for 3D and target archery with innovative technology.
  • Both companies are loyal to independent archery dealers. Since inception Black Eagle Arrows has been Dealer only and refused to sell Box Stores. Darton Archery has done much the same and both companies will continue that dedication to the independent dealer in the future. 

Positioned for The Future

“Darton Archery is one of the strongest Archery brands in the world and Black Eagle Arrows–Conquest Archery provides the best carbon arrows/stabilizers in archery to its dealers and customers,” said Kitts. “By bringing Darton Archery into our family of proprietary brands, we take an important step forward in continuing our commitment to the archery industry. We feel that by aligning our customer service and extensive dealer relationships, we’ll find new ways to innovate and create exceptional customer experiences. Further, Darton Archery is an outstanding United States manufacturer and will help Black Eagle Arrows–Conquest Archery expand our manufacturing experience.”


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