Scent Slinger Hunting Scent Delivery System

Scent Slinger Hunting Scent Delivery System – From your stand you can sling the Scent Ball that comes soaking in the fresh 100% pure deer urine up to 60 yards away. No longer having to walk around spreading your scent in the process.

Scent Slinger Hunting

Scent Slinger – The story

I have been a lifelong hunter and after serving in the Marine Corps from 2002-2006 I began taking my hunting to a new level. While bow hunting one day the wind shifted hard on me and the attractant, I had placed out already was no longer effective. This is when Scent Slinger was born. With my military roots I have focused since day 1 that it would always be made in the USA.

SCENT SLINGER IS A POWERFUL DEER SCENT- ATTRACTANT for whitetail deer hunting. Using Scent Slinger as a buck lure you can place deer attractant up to 60 yards away from your stand. The Scent Balls come soaking in 100% Natural doe urine in scent free packaging that makes the Scent Balls reusable. No more leaving your stand and getting your human scent spread around. The Scent Balls are biodegradable leaving no more trash in the woods.

Place scent up to 60 yards away from the comfort of your stand.

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