DirtNap Gear Released the 2019 Alpha Broadhead

DirtNap Gear is a small family owned company that takes great pride in their high-quality broadheads with penetration and durability always in mind. They are confident that these broadheads will fit all the needs of a seasoned pro or a beginning archer. They are built solid and sharp, and have been tested in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and North America with outstanding results.  Penetration, blood trails and durability are truly the characteristics of this product.

DirtNap brings modern bowhunters a stop-for-nothing, all-steel cut-oncontact design for 2019. The Alpha includes the company’s patented Modular Weight System, which allows users to create 100- or 125-grain broadheads out of a single package. The all-steel ferrule, along with a thick main blade and bleeder blades, create a mini profile for field-point-like flight from the fastest compounds and crossbows. Edges, including rears, are surgically sharp.

Learn more by visiting DirtNap Gear’s website.

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