Lancaster Archery Supply

Just about every proshop in the nation can learn a thing or two from Rob Kaufhold, owner and founder of Lancaster Archery Supply. Like many of today’s proshop owners, Kaufhold started from humble beginnings and built his business from the ground up. Ultimately, Kaufhold not only managed to build a thriving business, but a proverbial archery empire.

A key aspect of Kaufhold’s success is his prominent role in the archery community, and that’s why Inside Archery was thrilled to speak with him for the latest segment of Inside Retailing, which was focused on this topic. Kaufhold covered a lot of ground, but an important point was understanding the the value of shooting lanes and community gatherings.

In total, Lancaster Archery Supply has an incredible 55 shooting lanes. The majority are housed below the proshop in the “Lancaster Archery Academy,” but others can be found in an adjacent building dedicated solely to shooting lanes (seen in the first video below), an equipment testing section (second video), and an outdoor range.

This adjacent building provides archers with a relaxed atmosphere to practice.

The indoor testing range allows customers to conveniently try out new gear or adjust their setup.

The Lancaster Archery Academy is a popular place for personal practice, lessons or fun events like this Archery Tag session.

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