New Calls from Hunter’s Specialties, Just in Time for Hunting Season

Hunter’s Specialties has added four new electronic call models to its Johnny Stewart Attractor Caller line.

Each call features five pre-programmed, 16-bit authentic Johnny Stewart sounds. The 30-second sounds can be played on a loop, and each call can be operated with a hand-held remote with a range of up to 50 yards.

The PT-3 includes baby cottontail, lip squeak, rodent squeaks, meadowlark, and coyote whimper sounds.

The PT-4 features desperate cries of a cottontail, coy wolf bark/howls, coyote pup distress, fawn bleating, and “Vittles a la Jackrabbit” sounds.

The TT-2 includes cluck and purr, cutting, excited hen yelp, locator gobble, and soft hen yelp sounds.

The DT-2’s sounds include buck grunt, doe bleat, estrus bleat, rattling, and snort wheeze sounds.

For more information, visit Hunter’s Specialties’s website.


The new Hunter's Specialties TT-2 model.
The new Hunter’s Specialties TT-2 model.


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