Popular 3D Archery Tournaments

3D archery tournaments have been a popular tradition among many archers. If you’re a 3D junkie, you may be wondering what you can do to get competing. 3D archery tournaments are taking place all over the country. Learn about some of the most popular tournaments and how you can get started.

ASA Archery PRO/AM Tour

ASA has 3D events that travel through multiple cities throughout the U.S. They feature rounds of lifelike, 3D animal targets with two rounds of 20 targets over one or two days. Practice ranges are set up to perfect your skills before entering the tournament. Ranges are set up strategically to replicate actual hunting scenarios, shooting from different positions.

Stakes are set up for archers to shoot from by either straddling or placing their foot on it. Binoculars are recommended for rings that are not visible from the shooting stake. Archers will have to accurately guess the distance to the target to execute their shot. You can also choose to shoot in the beginner events called Known Distance 3D with more accessible stakes. ASA implements speed limits of 280 fps for safety and an even playing field. Find an event near you by visiting ASA Archery’s website.

National Field Archery Association

NFAA offers tournaments at destinations all over the U.S. They also host the Marked 3D Nationals and Western Classic which are the world’s largest marked 3D competitions. These events include archers of all skill levels from across the world. They set up a 70-target course over 65 acres for archers to compete over a three-day period. Targets range from 4 yards to 101 yards.

The Western Classic & Marked 3D Championship has been dubbed the “go-to-shoot” of the year. There are areas you are able to camp at for the duration of the tournament. This event features a variety of 3D targets with awards for all classes including High Score awards for the top man and woman shooter. There are Big Raffles on two of the three days, food and beverages available on the range, and breakfast, lunch and dinner available on site. NFAA recognizes several styles of shooting including freestyle, freestyle limited, bowhunter freestyle, freestyle limited recurve, barebow and traditional. Learn more by visiting NFAA’s website.

Rinehart R100

Rinehart hosts 3D tour events all over the nation called the R100. This is a family-friendly event for 3D archers of all ages and skill levels. The R100 has two 50-target courses, African Range and North American range, with side events on each day. Each archer shoots one arrow per target in order. Shooters can shoot individually or in groups, up to 5 members.

All divisions are known distance and a range finder can be used or provided to you if you don’t have one. There are several shooting classes available: Men’s and Women’s Open, Men’s and Women’s Hunter, Men’s and Women’s Traditional, Youth Advanced, Youth, Cub (10 and under), or just for fun. There are several colors of shooting stakes that dictate the division you are shooting under. Side events include Small Game Sniper Challenge, Super Ten Team Shoot, Steel Forest Challenge and Iron Buck Shoot. This event also has raffle prizes and awards for 1st-5th place for each division. Learn more about the locations and registration by visiting the R100’s website.

S3DA Archery

S3DA is a program that fosters, educates and guides youth in target, 3D and outdoor target archery. Their goal is to provide opportunities for children and increase participation nationwide. S3DA hosts 6 national tournaments: Western Indoor Target Nationals, Indoor Target Nationals, Western 3D Nationals, 3D Nationals, Outdoor Target Nationals, and Western Outdoor Target Nationals. Every state hosts a 3D State Tournament with an awards ceremony.

Events are open to registration for children ages 8 and up in a variety of catergories including Traditional, Olympic recurve, Fixed Pins, Advanced Fixed Pins and Open. 3D events have speeds limits that are posted for each age group and division. The National Tournament consists of two rounds of 20 3D targets over a one or two day period. The state and regional tournaments consists of one round of 20 3D targets over a one-day period. Learn more about each event by visiting S3DA’s website.

High Impact Archery Tour

High Impact Archery Pop-Up Tour travels to cities across the western United States and is sponsored by Rinehart and BAD Hunting. Archers have a chance to show their 3D archery shooting skills and win prizes in a fun and competitive environment. They provide a range of 11 pop-up Rinehart 3D moving targets that pop up or run across the range randomly to stimulate different hunting scenarios. The archer is presented 5 targets in a random manner with the only guaranteed target being the running target. Shots vary between 15 and 45 yards.

Archers are able to practice from Thursday to Sunday morning of the event and the main event occurs Sunday afternoon where the top 32 shooters compete for prizes. Finalists advance to a single elimination bracket and the top four archers win prizes, trophies, and money. There is also a handicapped bracket, so anyone has a chance to win. Learn more about entering one of these tournaments at High Impact Archery’s website.

Total Archery Challenge

Total Archery Challenge holds events in some of the most scenic venues across the nation. Archery courses are professionally designed with 100 3D targets to challenge shooters to judge distance, shoot at angles and overcome natural obstacles. There are four main courses, archery skeet shooting and Future Champions course for beginner youth archers. Archers compete and test their skills against the mountain to win big prizes such as a new truck.

Because there is limited space, archers sign up for specific nock times by selecting a day, starting time, and course for the day you participate. Archers can shoot more than one course per day, but do not need to register for more than one nock time. Find an event near you and learn more information by visiting Total Archery Challenge’s website.

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